First Endo Appt After 4 Month Wait

I have my first endo appointment next week. All of my GP tests for thyroid etc have come back as "normal", but I got referred just in case he had missed anything. Since then I have carried out my own private tests, including saliva cortisol test, which diagnosed Adrenal Fatigue Stage 1 - Adaptive Response. I have been treating this since Christmas, with adrenal glandulars and the usual thyroid support vitamins, and am starting to feel better .

To get the most out of my appointment, do I just go with the flow or should I say what I have done and take all of my test results with me?

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  • How do the tests compare ? I would keep your private results up your sleeve - hear what the experts have to say and if your private tests indicate they are talking nonsense - then produce them !

  • I guess it is more that the GP wouldn't/couldn't do a comprehensive list of tests. He could only request TSH, whereas I got a full thyroid profile - TSH, T4, T3, FT4, FT3 and antibodies. Plus he couldn't even request D3, Active B12, Folate or the cortisol test.

  • So well done you for taking the initiative and taking control of your own health. That way you will get well far more quickly. As Clutter says be prepared for a dismissive attitude.

    Hope all goes well.....

  • Beehappy, I'd say what supplements you are taking and provide copies of your private test results but don't be surprised if the endo is a little dismissive, many only trust their own hospital lab tests and results

  • But at least it would force their hand to do the necessary tests Clutter.

  • Private test says cortisol off the scale, NHS test says normal, up the creek without a paddle I am afraid.

  • Hi - I'm afraid if my experience is anything to go by - I wouldn't hold out a great deal of hope...HOwever, my endo, after telling me that my private tests were a load of bunkum, did refer me on to a Fibro/cfs specialist which did prove more helpful.

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