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Results please advise

Had bloods taken yesterday and would be really grateful for any help as to any med adjustment

I have been feeling very tired with pains in body and depressed. Instruction on the print out says 'normal'. Hope not !!! Am I right In thinking I can increase doses. I hope for better than I am at present.

TSH. 0.02. (.0.27-4.2)

FT4. 13.8. (12.0-22.0)

FT3. 4.6. (3.1-6.8)

I am have been taking 75mg levo. And. 12.5. T3. That was a 6 week check on that level . I would be so glad to have any thoughts from you .

It's so scary to think that the docs are quite happy to leave us feeling so awful.

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Doctors say normal if you are within range - as you are. That doesn't mean you feel well, or optimum. You could afford to increase your T3 slightly to raise your T3 result and see how you feel on an increased dose.


Gcart I would try uping your dose say 10 of t3 when u wake and 10 t3 at lhnchtime / early afternoon. Everyone different but for me personally it taken to week 11 on this dose and this last week im feeling human again and sleeping everynight and have energy in the morning.

Hope your able to find what dose suits you soon. Keep us posted x


Drs always say were normal if were in that range. They dont look at how were feeling or symptoms. We know our body best. So keep monitoring how you feel


Thanks for getting back to me . Am I right in thinking that I can raise T4 to get it higher in range? as well as a little extra T3.

Would that put TSH level even lower, and if so is that a a problem?

I have been having a better nights sleep since introducing T3 hasn't made me feel less tired in the day thoughLOL

Thanks for any thoughts on this post x



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