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I have been taking 5mgs of carb for 5 weeks today i got my blood tests back my tsh has not moved at all and is still at 0.2.0 but mt t4 has gone from 12 to 11.8 my t3 has stayed the same 3.8 , I feel hyper can not sleep and have sysptomts of hyper ( i have GD also ) Can some one explain why my tsh level is not going up ,it was dropping for around 2 months slowly but surly and my t4 was raiseing I feel hyper but of course my doctor says ' its normal ' range for tsh (4-04_) range for T4 (11-21 )

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TSH of Graves hyperthyroid patients sometimes takes years to recover and may not always recover. Your FT4 and FT3 are low in range so I'm surprised you are feeling hyper. I'm hypothyroid so I don't have experience of Graves or hyperthyroidism. Perhaps you can repost your question in a couple of days and hopefully a hyperthyroid member will answer.


What are the ranges for FT3? When my FT4 was low like yours I felt very hypo (I have Graves)

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