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Hi.first time here was wondering if you can look at these blood results.Havent been feeling well for long time now have total body paresthia's.Been checked for MS all ok.Oct 2014 TSH 0.08 RANGE 0.35-3.5 T3 4.5 RANGE 4-8.3 T4 11.6 RANGE 10-24.Forward to March 2015 Tsh has been at 0.01 until now January 2017 .T3 and T 4 are at lower third of range.I have been told they are normal.Would appreciate any input.

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  • Have they checked you for Pernicious Anaemia?

  • All blood tests are coming back normal.Thankyou for your reply.

  • Welcome to the forum, Asprey.

    Can you post January 2017 TSH, FT4 and FT3 results and ranges as it will help members to comment and advice. If you have any results and ranges for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate please also post them.

  • I am due for another blood test in two weeks.Folate and ferritin I have been told ok have no results.At the moment I am taking vitD.Will find out numbers and ranges.Thanks

  • Asprey,

    Always ask for a copy of your results and ranges. Ok just means results are within range which isn't necessarily the same as optimal.

  • Your test should be the earliest possible (you probably know, fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of approx 24 hours between last dose of levo and test. :) Get a print-out from the surgery (we are entitled by Law) and the results and ranges should be stated.

  • Yes I know but I have to say I am not on any meds for thyroid.This is long story with me which started four years ago with burning in both buttocks and since has migrated to rest of body.Burning in buttocks much better though.Have seen two neuro's and they have no answer.I have read so much trying to find an answer.Lupus Fybro???

  • In the UK some people are never diagnosed as their TSH doesn't reach 10 even though the range stops around 5. They have added another 5 for some unknown reason to me.

    If your TSH hasn't risen that's why people may be given other 'handles', i.e. CFS, Fibro, MS etc etc.

    This is a link which I think you will find useful.

    Before blood tests and levothyroxine were introduced we were diagnosed upon clinical symptoms and given NDT on a trial basis. No blood tests then. If we improved we were hypo and continued on with slight increases until well.

  • You need testing for VitD and B12. If the B12 is low in range then seek the reason - PA as suggested by shaws - also gut issues causing poor absorption can be the cause ....

  • Ok will do thanks.What is test for gut absorbtion.?

  • If results are low for vits and minerals then it would be safe to assume you have poor absorption ...

  • If your Free T3 and Free T4 are very low in range, and your TSH is too, then you might have secondary hypothyroidism. This is not caused by a failure of the thyroid gland, it is caused by a problem with the pituitary.

    If the pituitary is unable to produce sufficient TSH then your thyroid won't produce enough thyroid hormones.

  • Thanks for your reply.I had an MRI 2 years ago on head to check for pituitary adenoma and all was well.I was diagnosed as having central hyperthyroidism.??

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