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Weight gain on T4

I am just updating my previous posts from a couple of months ago. I swallowed my pride and went back to the doctor armed with my Blue Horizon blood results. As suggested, I changed my doctor and saw a new one in the practice. He immediately tried to fob me off, however, I stood my ground and showed him my recent blood results which showed TSH 3.57 (0.27-4.20) T4 63.0 (64.5-142.0)Free T4 11.59 (12-22) which also coincided with a high cholesterol test.

He agreed that there seemed to be a correlation and I suggested that maybe I went a a trial of T4 for a month which eventually he agreed to. However, after six weeks I have noticed that I have put on a couple of inches on my waist, which I cannot afford to do. I have felt no benefit to the T4 and in fact I have noticed a little more soreness in my joints.By the way my new TSH is .61 and my cholesterol has reduced by only .1 to 7.6.

Also after taking B12 I cannot tell you how much better I felt, like a new person. Please can someone suggest a course of action, I do not want to put on any more weight, I was hoping that I would loose some.

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What was your B12, ferritin, folate and vitamin D level?

What kind of diet do you eat? Gluten free, Low carb high fat or what the NHS suggests?


Hi bluebug,

Thank you so much for your response.

My B12 reading was 242 Insufficient (140-250). CRP 1.70 <5.0 Ferritin 42.7 (20-150). I had vitamin D levels done separately and they were normal.

I tend to eat low carb as eating carbs gives me terrible cravings and make me really tired.


When you say vitamin d was normal......was it near 100 ?


Hi SlowDragon, thank you for your response, I have emailed the company to see if they can give me the reading as I cant find it at the moment and as it was in the normal range I didn't think it was important.

Very interestingly, I have noticed that when I go somewhere warm and sunny, even though I eat more and sometimes drink alcohol, I can come home 7lbs lighter in one week!

Also having suffered from very heavy periods most of my life my periods were lighter too. Ive always wandered what caused this so I could do it more! Maybe you are right, maybe I have a problem with vitamin D? It would explain such a lot, but it doesn't help with the issue of the T4 does it?


Hi Slowdragon,

I have just read my results they are 75.6 which is D3 72.8 and D2 2.8. This is well below 100!


Your B12 is very low you need to get it up to around 1,000. No wonder you were feeling ill.

Your ferritin level is too low you want to get your ferritin up to the middle of the lab range at least. Standard supplement regime is 1 ferrous fumerate tablet two times per day with vitamin C each time and water. Take it 4 hours away from thyroid meds and 2 hours away from other food, drink and supplements. This is to limit interaction issues, increase absorption and hopefully limit bowel problems.

BTW according to the guidelines your GP will have been given your ferritin level is fine. However if you want to have optimal health which the NHS doesn't cater towards you need to get it up.


Do you have thyroid antibodies?


Hi Aspmama,

I have a reading for thyroid antibodies of <5 which is in the normal range.


OK so maybe if you maximise your nutrition then your thyroid function will improve. Maybe put it on one side, stop the levo trial, focus on getting yr nutrients up, and you may find yr thyroid readings will have improved.


Thank you Aspmama, that is exactly what I was thinking


How much T4 did he put you on? You're not likely to notice an improvement in six weeks. It can take years to get well. A trial of one month is... well, useless.

So, when he tested your TSH, did he also test your FT4? Because once you're on thyroid hormone replacement, the TSH is meaningless unless it's high. Doesn't matter how low it goes, you could still need more levo. The protocol is to test after six weeks and increase the dose by 25 mcg, otherwise, there's not much point to the exercise. It proves nothing.


Hi Greygoose,

Thanks for your response.

He did not test my FT4. He started me on 25mcg with a review after six weeks with is this Thursday.


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