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Help with results please

I am currently taking Levothyroxine 75mcg and Liothyronine 10mcgs and not feeling good, very tired and needing to sleep for 10-12 hours each night, brain fog where I can't remember how to do things that I've done for years and feeling quite tearful.

My latest blood test results are:

TSH 0.20 (0.27-4.20)

Free T4 10.3 (11.0-20.0)

Free T3 3.9 (3.7-6.8)

Any advice is appreciated, thanks Debs

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@debs Are you still taking the Thame liothyronine that you were given three months ago when Mercury Pharma wasn't available. You said in that post that up until the change you were feeling well.

If you're still on the Thame then it doesn't seem to be suiting you or doing the job. Your FT3 is far too low for someone on T3. It's expected to see a low TSH and a lower FT4 and a higher FT3 when liothyronine is in the mix.


Hi Seasidesusie

Thanks for your reply.

No I am now back on Liothyronine from Mercury Pharma after a month without any T3 at all and haven't been feeling right since.

My last results in May were Free T4 of 12.8, TSH of 0.01 and FT3 of 9.4


Were you taking any thyroid meds at all when you didn't have any T3? Why did you stop taking it? Was it because it was the Thame ones?


I was taking Levothyroxine only because I couldn't continue taking the Thame T3 as I felt so ill


If you're now back on Levo/T3 combo , I think your problem may be something to do with the fact that you've been on Levo only for a while. It may take time to get back to where you were with the right balance of T4 and T3. That's just my guess, maybe someone else will come along with a different idea.


Ok thank you, I will persevere


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