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Can you tell how long you have been thyroid has been under active from you TSH level?

Hi all

New to this site and was wondering if TSH level was a guide to how long there had been a problem with my thyroid.

I was diagnosed about 4 months ago with a T3 level of 2.4 and a TSH level of 43.

I am currently taking 125mg of levothyroxin and due another blood test in September.

TSH was 7 at my last test at the end of July.


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I'm not entirely sure you can. And, it wouldn't be much of a guide if you have antibodies, and have been swinging between hypo and hyper.

I think I've been hypo since I was at least 8 years old. I was finally diagnosed when I was 55. My TSH was about 11.5.

In 2013/14, I stopped taking all thyroid hormone replacement (for reasons I won't go into here) for six months. When I was retested, my TSH was forty-something. Up from zero. So, I don't think that tells you much at all.

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I didn't think you could tell from TSH levels but I thought I'd ask. I can't remember when I started having symptoms but I do remember having problems at work about 8 years ago and weight gain ever since. So maybe it was back then.


I don't think we can ever know when it starts, just when it gets bad enough to notice.

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That's a really good reduction in TSH in 4 months, you have responded well to treatment. When my TSH was 19 I was told my thyroid had been struggling for 7 years. Don't know mathematical ratio calculation. Good luck with your continuing treatment.


You may be able to recall an infection that was the starting point.I believe mine was a tooth/ gum infection, after which I had difficulty staying awake.


TSH is NOT a thyroid hormone it is a pituatary hormone.


You could do as i did ask your gp if youve been tested for thyroid problems In the past. I got readings from 2003 and it appears I had thyroid issues then but was just never told.


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