Endo who has give me hope

Saw another Endo today who actually said although my T4 is within range 12.2 he wants to see it up to around 24 so upped my Levo to 125 as ive been on 75 since March my TSH had gone up again in 2 months will check TSH T4 T3 hopefully then ill feel better this is the first Endo who actually said T4 T3 should be higher in range exactly the advice i was given on here....

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I believe in miracles!! GREAT GREAT GREAT!! Congratulations!!! I hope it all works out for you :)

Ha ha Thank You..

great to hear that you have used the good info gained from this site as well as having a really useful thinking endo . ..... just proves that it can work sometimes !!!!!

My doctor phoned me up to complain because my FT4 was 24 (just slightly over range)! Can I steal your endo?

I was very Lucky its only that i persisted on telling Endo how i felt he went and got the main man as he couldnt come up with nothing other than all the other Endo n GPs all seem to say.. All is in range im in Essex

Very happy for you that you have found a good endo, could you please pm me with his name as I live in the area? Thanks.

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