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Update - now I'm 18 weeks pregnant (vit B supplements)

Hi everyone, just a little follow up from me. As you may recall I've been through the mill a bit with my GP as he refused to increase my thyroxine now I am pregnant. My TSH went from 2.49 to 1.9 to 3.28 and I wrote on here alarmed as I was nearing the 4.2 NHS range upper level.

I have been patient and have tested again this week and my TSH is now 2.34 which is a great improvement (and I feel better).

Randomly, and I really don't know if this has anything to do with it I took vitamin B supplements (B6 and B12 amongst other B vits in a single tablet) in my first 2 months and then the third month I stopped but started again in my 4th month. I don't know if the B vitamins have had any effect on my TSH levels but I definately feel much better for taking them (taking thyroxine at 7am and B vits at 10pm). It's strange.

I have a scan in a week and consultant the following week so hopefully I can get some more answers then.

Thanks for all the advice so far. Bellini xxx

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Just yesterday, this arrived in my Inbox. It might be helpful for you to read, then print to take to your GP if you feel it's appropriate.


Adding two additional tablets of levothyroxine per week, when instituted immediately upon confirmation of pregnancy to women with known hypothyroidism significantly reduces the risk of maternal hypothyroidism throughout pregnancy


Thank you Red Apple - another piece of ammunition!!! LOL I am rather frustrated that my (normally) wonderful and helpful GP dismisses all the information I take to him and goes by his little "range" chart that this computer pops up from the NHS - as long as I am "green" then he dismisses me.

Thank goodness my midwife is more understanding and she advised me to just get tested monthly and keep on top of it.

I am going to see a consultant at the hospital in 2 weeks as I am high risk anyway (this an IVF miracle baby) so I am going to take my little file in.


<b>Updated on Jul 9 2010 4:35PM:</b> Thanks Barbara, actually I always test around 8am at my GP but I have taken my tablet by then so I don't know if that makes a difference. Next time I'll not take my tablet beforehand to see if it makes a difference.


I'm so pleased that you are feeling better Bellini :-) I was taking a vitamin & mineral mixture recommended by a nutritionist which included lots of B vits when I was hypo and they did help me, I still take a maintainance dose now.

Do tell your midwife/doctors what you are taking if you haven't already.

As a matter of interest is your GP using the normal reference ranges or the pregnancy ranges? Do make sure that your blood form for the labs has the fact that you are pregnant etc on it.

When you have your blood tested try to get it done as early as possible in the morning (TSH is highest then), and take your thyroxine after the test that day as the levels peak in the blood for a while after taking it. If you do this each time you will get a better idea of your levels as it removes some of the variables.

Good luck with the consultant and try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy, it should be a happy exciting time for you. Taking time out for relaxation and/or meditation can really help energy and stress levels.

Good luck and do let us know how you get on.


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