So ,when on t4 never had supressed TSH.(well once when I went super hyper) On t3 only they say TSH is supressed is a good thing.But when my TSH gets low on t3 I feel hyper symptoms.Are there others who do better when TSH just above supressed.When do you know the difference between hyperthyroid and suppressed TSH.My TSH is 2 .98 ,now it has been below and above that ,but at present feeling super pain in arms ,legs and pain in eye muscles FEELING LIKE FALLING OFF A CLIFF,when I raise it gets worse,why would that be.Thanks again everyone .I have come to the conclusion there is something else stopping things from working.So awaiting menapausal clinic appointment ,then if that is ok will try NDT to see if it is synthetic meds

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susiebow I've had a suppressed TSH for as long as I can remember, I've been diagnosed hypo for over 40 years and have kept a note of test results for over 20 years. I've been told by my GP I'm over medicated because my TSH is suppressed regardless of my free Ts being in range (sometimes FT4 over but FT3 always in range) but I've never had any symptoms of being hypERthyroid.

Back in 2002, under guidance from one of the most respected private specialists mentioned here, I was on 40mcg T3 only. My TSH was for once not suppressed at 0.39 (0.27-4.2) and my FT3 was 2 (2.8-7.1). That's not a typo, it was 2. FT4 was undetectable as you might expect. I was changed to NDT which suppressed my TSH again, got my FT4 to half way through range and FT3 way over range, and even then I didn't feel hypER.

It's been suggested in some of your other threads that you get vitamins and minerals tested - B12, Vit D, ferritin and folate - as deficiencies can cause symptoms such as muscle pain (Vit D) and others. Have you had these tested yet? Also adrenals were mentioned, have you had those tested? Sorting those first could be a big help.


Suppressed TSH is <0.1. Your TSH is too high and indicates you are under medicated and that will be why you feel unwell and in pain. What is your FT3?

4.2 range 3.3 6.6.I did raise but headache worse.

I am on perindopril for blood pressure ,that can cause headaches,do not really know.


You might feel better with FT3 >5.5 which will bring down TSH.

I think lots of doctors are hooked on the TSH reading. I was told I would feel fine when mine was around 2. That was when I was on T4 and I actually felt really awful when it was 2. So I weaned myself off T4.

(I was taking 50 mcg)

The first two weeks taking no pills I felt awful but suddenly improved and for two and a half weeks felt like my old self.

My TSH had gone up to 13.9 and I felt fine. My endo has now started me on T3 on a v low dose (5 mcg) But I feel I have gone backwards as bad headache, neck pain and indigestion have come back to haunt me... Any ideas?

So bored of feeling ill - lovely summer weather at last but I feel like rubbish. :(

TSH increases as fT3 levels at the thyrotrope (in the pituitary) fall. It doesn't matter whether the fT3 comes from tablets or is T3 converted from T4 in the pituitary. TSH will be suppressed if you take more hormone than your body used to produce when healthy. If you take more than 40 mcg L-T3 (equivalent to 120 mcg L-T4) you will probably get a suppressed TSH.

Many patients seem to have peripheral resistance to thyroid hormone, their pituitary responds normally but not their peripheral tissues. In these cases if they take L-T4 the peripheral tissues will reduce T4 to T3 conversion as the fT4 levels get high. This is how the body protects itself from hyperthyroidism. Since they need high hormone levels taking a T3 medication bypasses this protective mechanism and resolves their symptoms. In these cases you should take extra care that you do not exhibit signs of hyperthyroidism as you are overriding the normal protective mechanisms, especially in the heart.

If you do better on T3 then you should back off when you notice hyper symptoms. A suppressed TSH is needed for some patients (including myself) but it should not be regarded as inevitable or a target.

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