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Some help interpreting my results please

Dear all

Today I had a thyroid panel done with the following results:

TSH 1.65 (range 0.35 - 4.4)

FT4 1.32 (range 0.8 - 1.8)

T3 1.0 (range 0.6 - 1.9)

Antibodies not tested this time, but previous results have been 1,300 for A-tpo (range 0 - 60) and 117 for Anti-tg (don't remember range, but my result was high).

My TSH has been fluctuating from 1.65 - 4.4 over the past year.

Grateful for some thoughts on how to interpret today's results. Thank you.

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Hi Elizabeth, I've looked at a couple of your posts to see if you are being treated for hashimoto's. Shall I assume you are not taking thyroid hormone? Your FT3 is could be higher. But your FT4 would need to be raised to do that.

I noticed your said you had acne at times. I think this may be due to high testosterone. I discovered in the U.S. a medical person only needs a few hours of training to be called "functional medicine" but wonder if that is enough. Spirulina is actually good for binding to heavy metal but if you have a lot of amalgams, it's probably not a good idea.

Here is another functional medicine person talking about high testosterone

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Thanks Heloise. You assume correctly I'm not medicated yet, as the docs are saying 'let's wait until the thyroid packs in' as the antibodies are very high. No one seems concerned over this, but I've read all sorts of horror stories about low total t3 meaning tumours in the brain and I'm somewhat concerned. Although I'm assuming that wouldn't cause nodules or high antibodies?


Elizabeth, I'm not a doctor but have read reams and reams about thyroid for over a decade by advocates like Mary Shomon and Dr. Lowe who was a big advocate of T3 but have never heard about a brain tumor connection. There was some discussion about whether the brain had more T4 receptors or no T3 receptors but I am persuaded that your brain and heart need lots of T3. I've taken all forms of thyroid myself.

It's no doubt your thyroid is being attacked and trying to produce whatever it can. Autoimmune attacks can begin with leaky gut and sometimes gluten is what is disturbing immunity 75% of which is found in the digestive system.

Your body is ALWAYS trying to compensate and always trying to heal and that's probably why your TSH fluctuates. While the medical profession uses medications that don't fill a deficiency, they refuse to use a hormone that does. Very odd.

If you are staying away from thyroid hormones for some reason, you should at least investigate estrogen dominance or low progesterone. Your adrenal gland regulates sex hormones and steroids and uses cholesterol to do so. It can also slow metabolism when under stress. This man can explain if you have time to watch.

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Thanks for taking the time to provide such a thorough reply. I will look into the video. I'm not averse to taking medication, but up to now, the docs have said there's no point, as my thyroid function is perfectly normal (even though is was slightly over the limit once). If they offered me medication, I'd take it, but then, I'd be concerned that I may be taking medication without really needing it. It really does my head in.


Elizabeth, there is a distinction between medication and hormone replacement. There are many back up systems built into the body. I think if you listen to Dr. Bergman, you will understand many of the interactions, however, if your thyroid is being destroyed nothing will produce thyroid hormone although I've read that your ovaries may but that's uncertain. Bergman feels you can intervene. I'll let it go at that. Keep learning. You will know more than your GP's.

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