Results help please

Hi everyone i had a recent meeting with my ends the other day i would like some advice about my levels please.

FT3 4.4

FT4 18.7 range 9-19

TSH <0.01


I was taking 150mg levo and 175mg levo alternate days i have now been advised to just take 150mg levo as my FT3 is well within normal range and my T4 is in the upper range and he is concerned about my suppressed TSH long term he said i could get osteoporosis and cardiac erythema.

Any advice please ??

Many thanks

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  • your free t3 is not in balance with your t4 no matter what your TSH is

    has anyone bothered to test





    as low levels of these may be why you are not converting t4 to t3 adequately

  • Because my T3 is in range he said its fine, but generally I'm always tired. I do have pernicious anaemia which i have monthly b12 jabs, my ferritin at last test was 44 but i have been taking daily ferrous fumerate which has increased my ferritin levels. I have not had my folate or vitd3 tested recently. I do have T3 tablets which i am considering taking, what do you think ?

  • "in range" is a nonsense get out

    your t3 should be in balance with your t4

    if you have PA too you might benefit from taking betaine or pepsin with meals check with PA site plus do be sure to take at least 2000mg vit C spread through the day helps absorption of iron

    eating liver once a week is reported to maintain ferritin better than iron tablets

  • Ok great, i used to always feel good up until a couple of years ago. I found myself constantly at the Drs, i had bloods done and they came back fine apparently. It wasnt until i asked for a copy of my results my Ferritin was 7 i questioned this and was told it was within range, i complained and i was given Ferrous fumerate which i have been on ever since. I only eat white meat and have been anaemic in the past so no surprise my iron has been low on and off. I just want to stop feeling tired its a nightmare

  • with hypothyroid only eating white meat or being vegetarian simply do not go together do need to totally rethink your diet and get ferritin back up to at least 70 if you are to have any hope of converting t4 into vital t3

    lambs or chicken livers once a week is apoarently a very good way to get back on track

  • Benjamin1,

    I wouldn't reduce dose. FT4 is still within range but FT3 4.4 isn't high and it will drop when you reduce dose. The Rotterdam Study finds no association between TSH and atrial fibrillation (the usual reason doctors are concerned about suppressed TSH) and a meta-analysis of patients with TSH suppressed <0.1 found only one extra hip fracture per 1000-patient-years.

  • Do you know what the range is for T3 ? Thanks for your reply it really helps me.

    Im not bothered about my TSH as i know it doesn't really mean anything, I'm more concerned with how i feel in myself. I could take some T3 i have some at home i could start of on 10mg what do you think ?

  • Benjamin1,

    The FT3 range should be on your printout. Ranges vary from lab to lab. There is no universal FT3 range.

    Adding T3 will further suppress your TSH. If you add 10mcg T3 I would reduce Levothyroxine to 150mcg daily because FT4 is high in range.

  • I didn't have a print out I've just this morning received a letter from the hospital it only shows my levels. Can my TSH suppress anymore ? I will reduce my T4 to 150mg and start taking 10mg of T3. Can this be taken together ?


  • Benjamin1,

    TSH can be as low, or lower, than 0.0001 but most labs simply report it as <0.01.

    You can take T4 + T3 together.

  • ok i didn't know that. Thats wonderful I'm going to start taking it today. Thanks for all your help

  • i would start on 5mcg t3 and increase to 10mcg in 3 weeks reduce your levo as advised by clutter though

  • Thank you, i have taken T3 before I've always chopped a 20mg in half. Ive always struggled to chop the 10mg into 5mg so i will start taking the 10mg for now and see how i get on. How long does it take to notice a difference ?

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