Does the swelling around your eyes ever go?

Ive had Graves since 2009 when pregnant and my eyes were very red and swollen. I was told I was lucky as they were still in my head and people can suffer worse.

I always have swelling above my eyes but below my eyes get puffy and sort of collapse now when my levels are not good. Im self conscious about them but because its just water there is no treatment because the water would just come back again. My doctor told me. So anyone had this and had it get better? x

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  • Try using a hot compress and see if that helps them. Or could you raise the head of your bed up a little bit?

    Some days my eyes look puffy ( above and bags below ) and some days they look / feel ok. It doesn't seem to matter what I do although I have been known to use YSL's Touché Éclat to disguise that haggard look but a nice hot damp face cloth held over them - especially in the morning - feels very soothing so it might be worth giving that a try. Good luck :-)

  • Thanks I will try it, although I was always led to believe that cold compress helped swelling. It did a bit. I have also tried Hemorrhoid creme which again did help, I just felt funny using it and it would stop working through the day :(

  • At a guess, (not medically qualified) I think you may not be on enough medication. Get an up-to-date thyroid gland blood test as early as possible in the morning. Also get a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested.

    DO NOT take medication on the morning of your blood test, take it afterwards.

    Puffiness used to be a recognised clinical symptom.

    Always get a print-out from the surgery of your blood tests for your own records (with the ranges - figures in brackets) and post your thyroid gland blood test results for members to comment on them.

  • Thank you shaws I will make sure I get the relevant tests. Im at endo Friday x

  • I'm in same boat particularly my upper lids hate it. I got tt 2007, I fund it difficult. To have my pic taken to socialize through it. I guess I've just learnt to hide. If that makes sense I'd love lids sorted out I've never spoke to doc about it I will one day fir what there worth!

  • I'm often in sunglasses even in winter. Iv also had a fringe cut since it happened. They almost went once but I had a implant contraceptive fitted witch causes water retention and bamb! Next day swollen eyes.

  • I was lucky bit of scarring under eyes but no bulging. Know how you feel self conscious sometimes, don't think it will go from my experience and what my specialist has said it's a case of living/managing it. I wear tinted glasses when out it really helps - even if you don't wear glasses you can get plain glass tinted. Eye drops used regularly are good and it might be worth having a word with a beautician at a dept store they know the tricks of the trade and good concealments.

  • I agree with Shaws - it looks like you need more thyroid medication. Are you having other hypo symptoms? if so that would confirm the need.

  • Thank you for all your reply's x


    I should have explained better. I know Im hyper/ hypo. I was told by doctor to stop taking my meds to see what happens? I was due to have the operation but now I am glad I didn't as I had no information on it. I thought that would be everything sorted.

    I never lost the tiredness but my doctor said Id been stable 2 years ( everything else was in my head) and all may be well if I stop.

    Last summer it hit me again, I was hyper, the symptoms apart from my eyes was the none stop sweating/night sweats, something new, I could sleep for England instead of no sleep, lifeless, depressed . So Im back on Carbimazole and because I upped my after a few months I think now I am hypo. This I hope wont last long as I did not up my meds for long.

    One last thing I should say, my eyes are worse now because of my levels however when Im stable they are still swollen?

    Many thanks

    s xx

  • I had the swellings around my eyes after TED removed surgically in Birmingham on the NHS. I though everyone with TED was offered this after the eye disease became cold. This was in 2003/4. 

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