dark circles under the eyes?

I seem to recall reading somewhere that dark circles under the eyes is one of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Does anyone know if that is true?

I have had dark circles under my eyes for years, and nothing seems to help. I have wasted a fortune on products supposed to make them disappear, without any visible results.

I have been on Medrol for the past four years, and it has not helped either. Hoping to be able to wean off Medrol, I have just started Nutri Adrenals Extra. I have already decreased Medrol from 6 to 4 mg daily, without feeling any difference. The reason I was put on Medrol instead of HC to begin with was because I tended to retain fluid. However, that was back when I was still on T4 drugs only, which would explain the fluid retention. I have since read that the adrenals should be treated first, before NDT is added. However, it does not seem the Hertoghe doctors in Belgium are aware of this. They put you on either HC or Medrol and NDT at the same time.

The inability to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes makes me wonder if dark circles under the eyes are just "one of those things" that you have to learn to live with? Or has anyone successfully managed to get rid of dark circles?

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some link dark circles to low iron, how are yr ferritin levels?

recent study found symptoms of addisons in treated thyroid patients were non rheumatic joint pains, gut pain, fatigue ... some find it hard to climb stairs becos of joint pain.

wld expect early adrenal insuff. to have similar symptoms only less severe.

if thyroid is not being optimally treated pic wld be confused.

My ferritin and iron levels have been low for the past three years. I have been taking a prescription drug called Losferron (Belgium) without any tangible results:-(

I think that's likely the reason, cat, and that will be causing u other problems too. maybe try some other iron supps, and eat antioxidants at the same time... and vit c, of course, and vit d.

For years I had dark purpley rings just under my lower eyelids. Since being diagnosed by Dr P and taking maximum NAX (6 daily) they've disappeared.

Wow, that sounds great!!! 6 NAX?!?! I only take two, at least so far...I did not think you were supposed to go higher?! I would gladly raise the NAX, but I'd like to ask you how you take it...in one go, or spread out throughout the morning? It says on the bottle "do not take after 1 pm".

Hello, is the NAX still a good solution? I have an appointment next month and want to confer with my Doctor, thanks ☺


NAX isn't available at the moment. I and some other people on here now take Adrenavive II or III instead. It has to be started at a low dose and worked up to the amount you need.

Like you I've had circles forever. I'll never forget when I was taking arnica solution (dissolved in water) I think it may have been after a tooth extraction but I don't remember, my undereye circles disappeared.

I hold my hands up, arnica/homeopathy is one of those fringey things that has little of substance to recommend it, though it's used on the Continent as a matter of course. If its effectiveness is limited to the placebo effect, disappearing eye circles are such a random thing to notice. So who knows what magic took place, but if my baseless anecdote is of any interest to you it is a pretty cheap thing to experiment with.

I also use a really great mineral makeup that covers them brilliantly!

Thanks for the arnica tip! Also, do you have any mineral makeup tips to share...?

Well I don't know if it's a tip as such. I use powder mineral foundation which matches my skin really well and it just makes any blemish disappear. I'm not sure of the brand but if you want to know I'll check.

I use a small brush for blemishes incl my undereye circles, and I go over the whole thing with a large brush. I use it more densely under my eyes but just a tiny bit of it on the rest of my face.

We were going to a party and I had a mark on my back I couldn't reach so I had to ask my husband to brush some powder on it. He's a sensible chap but you can imagine if you have no practice doing something like that what it might turn out like. I felt a couple of dabs - dab dab - and he said 'Oh, it's disappeared' and sure enough it was gone. :-)

Yes, I would love to know the name of the product you use, as I find it difficult to find make-up products that really cover up the dark circles under my eyes...so tips would be more than welcome:-)

It's called ID Bare Minerals but I don't know if the brand is that important; I think the important thing is finding the right colour. x

Thanks; yes, I agree, it's about finding a colour that matches your skin tone (bluish or yellowish). Bare Minerals seems to be a great brand, I'll look into it, thanks!

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