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Trying to get erfa in the uk

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Hi I haven't been on for quite a while as I moved to canada with work. Whilst here I've been seeing an amazing naturopath and taking erfa dessicated thyroid.. Nearly all of my thyroid symptoms have gone.

Well it looks like I'm going to be coming back to the uk in September and I would love to continue on erfa. I'm wondering if we can get it over here or if anyone can inbox be with a Dr's details so I can contact them in advance


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Where are you going to be based in the UK? I know a good doctor in the Surrey/Sussex area who prescribes ERFA for some patients. If you're going to be in that area I'll PM you his details.

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kingyl in reply to Framboise

Hi I'm willing to travel. Can you in box me please. Thanks in advance

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Breena in reply to Framboise

Hi please can you pm me with Dr s name and details,many thanks.

Hi Kinglyl,

could you tell me how much you pay for Erfa in Canada ? I allways wondered if it was not much cheaper in the country of origin.

Maybe you could get the perscription from your Canadien doc, and then ask your english docter to perscribe it ?

Thank you


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kingyl in reply to babsi

My English dr will only prescribe Levo in the UK. We all have to either find a private dr to prescribe it or self medicate. Either one I'm willing to do as long as I don't have to take Levo as it don't agree with me.

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kingyl in reply to babsi

I pay $59 for a 100 tablets which is a bout 35 pound. UK haven't got a clue how to deal with thyroid issues.

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babsi in reply to kingyl

Oh my god. I pay over a hundred Euros for 100 in Germany. I knew it would be cheaper there. These bxxxxxxs !

Thank you kingyl

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