hypo, PA and hashi need some advice re high blood pressure

Was going to do this yesterday but needed to calm down. GP referred me to a clinician as my case was too complicated for him but he did think F3 at bottom of the range was good and I needed no change in medication. Won't go into a long rigmarole but he was firmly told it was not. Had meeting yesterday with said clinician who - words fail me, but he did state that my GP had wanted a second opinion to confirm his decision - so much for my case being too complicated for him. anybody know a good hanging tree? All of the internet sites are bogus and wee little folk are stooges or words to that affect. He had read 1 peer group paper!! I had my blood pressure checked prior to meeting and got a shock as it was 148 over something(cannot remember 2nd reading). I have always been on the low side more like 120/60-70 all my life and I am now 74. Checked re levo and discovered this was not unusual so help please. I am ordering T3 from Greece after help from folk on here and sorting a payment method so need advice there also PLEASE ,PLEASE. My blood pressure must have hit the roof after that meeting but he was well and truly told a few home truths - too long in the tooth to put up with these empty headed little gods, what arrogance. Not once has any doctor asked me for any on going symptoms or was I having any problems - are they really qualified and if so what are they spewing out of medical schools today? OK rant over this end.

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Hi. I can't help re lowering BP, or how to make payments, but other info may be useful.

I sometimes think contact with docs just makes us more ill.

With last doc I found it easier to write letters, as that avoided direct contact.

Plus I could get my point straight, and quote research articles and links.

Thyroid UK has some good info, or STTM on line.

Besides if things are recorded in black and white I think they take more notice as there is recorded evidence of your views, which they are not supposed to ignore.

Ask docs for their evidence for their rationale, and remind them of their code of conduct, which says they have to treat you as an individual, etc etc. It also says they have to consider your symptoms, and the definition for “diagnosis”

Diagnosis: The process of determining the nature of a disorder by considering the patient’s signs and symptoms, medical background, and – when necessary – results of lab tests and X-ray examinations

Is there another doc in the practice you’d rather see (it’s your right to decide who to see).

Alternatively change to a different surgery.

nhs.uk/Service-Search/GP/Lo... This link also shows how they have been rated. It doesn’t actually tell you if they know what they’re talking about though….

Thank you for replying. I had given my GP a letter laying out the facts re my current situation. lists of symptoms for all 3 conditions and loads of documentation from various sites including thyroid UK and TPAUK to name a few. I had been seeing another GP in the practice but was getting nowhere so went to a senior partner this time. I gave the same information to the clinician and he was almost sneering at me and said my medication was fine, he was confirming my GP's stance and that was that. I live on an island and the alternative health centre is worse, people are leaving at the speed of light almost. I won't bother putting myself through that again they really are something else. I have ordered the T3, just need guidance on where to start etc. Thank you again.

Hi busterboy For guidance on taking T3, you will need FT4 and FT3 tests done at the same time to see where they are in their ranges. If you are taking Levothyroxine, it might be necessary to reduce the Levo when adding T3, but test results would be needed to help with this. By the sound of it you may not get this done by your GP, you'd need to do a Blue Horizon fingerprick test at home in that case.

As you have high antibodies and positive for Hashimoto's, have you gone completely gluten free and take a selenium supplement, both of which should help reduce the antibody attacks?

Had tests done in June but could do another before adding T3, so that is good advice, thank you. I have been working on my vitamins and there is a very good improvement there, selenium - could do with some advice on where to source a good quality supply. Appetite not to good but would like to use folate so wonder any suggestions there plus a multi B complex. Have been taking a step at a time as it was too much to tackle at once so gluten free on the back burner for now. I have more or less got PA under control but feel Thyroid is my present biggest problem. I was literally on the floor when I 1st started and thanks to sites like this have come a very long way - slow, true but hopefully will get there. Any advice will be appreciated and thanks for replying.

You have a lot going on busterboy but please look into going gluten free, many members find this key to reducing the antibody attacks.

A couple of suggestions for a good B Complex are Thorne Basic B and Jarrows B Right, both contain 400mcg methylfolate (the active form) which should really help your folate level. Mine went from very low in range to very top of range in 2.5 months with Thorne Basic B. Just a word of warning, your pee will probably turn bright yellow, don't worry as it's the Riboflavin (B2) that causes that.

As for selenium, this is the one my practioner recommends (and I take), it is Food State and therefore the most bioavailable form cytoplan.co.uk/selenium but that is only 100mcg and you'd probably be better taking 200mcg daily. If you can find Natures Own selenium that is the same company (the retail arm, whereas Cytoplan is the practioner arm). However, you can buy direct from Cytoplan and they frequently have 3 for 2, also send discount vouchers when you register.

Whatever you buy, Food State, Whole Food and Bioactive are words to look out for.

Been checking on the vitamins you recommended and have them on order. Was going to have blood tests end of august to check levels - last one in June and great improvement but still room for more. A doctor told somebody I know that the finger prick samples were not worth anything - have you heard this? It is the one I use for check ups as it is easy for me to do. Hope he is wrong.

busterboy "A doctor told somebody I know that the finger prick samples were not worth anything - have you heard this?"

Nope, not from the very many members who regularly use this form of testing to keep an eye on their levels and self medicate by. None of them have died yet (or so I believe :D ). The labs used by Blue Horizon are accredited labs, same ones that the NHS use. It's the same blood, just a smaller amount.

Am I surprised to hear this sort of thing from a doctor (and I am tempted to use a naughty word here but will refrain as I'm trying to be good) - Nope! Doctors like to keep us sick, the more prescriptions they can give us for unnecessary stuff like antidepressants, statins and that sort of ****, the more they are rewarded.

Don't worry busterboy, continue with your self-testing, you're doing fine.

Oh! seaside Susie you naughty girl - I have my first good laugh today reading your response - mind that blood pressure now. I will continue to use that method, so thank you. Am going to monitor BP and basal temp - with all this research I think I apply for registration as a doctor, cannot do any worse than what is on offer today.

And, busterboy , I will come and register at your surgery. You are probably wiser than the dopes at mine :D


Just in case you didn't know (I only learnt last week) apparently low temp is symptom of hypo, and low iron levels.

I knew about the low iron, so have started supplementing months ago. The Low temperature was something I wasn't aware of but like you found out recently - so now having to check that!!

Could it be that you're a captive audience, and he gets paid so much a patient, and he doesn't want to spend it??? Sounds horrendous situation, which no doubt is adding to stress levels and making you feel even worse.

No wonder folk opt for private solutions when they can afford it.

I can't advice on T3, but I'm sure others will.

Hope you get sorted soon.

I wonder if you've just had a spot of rage-related high bp. Would be good to know but you'd have to have it taken without a doctor present. :-)

Does your surgery have a machine you can use yourself? Mine has one in the waiting area. Or maybe there is a pharmacy locally where they would take your bp? If you only have reactive high bp (eg when seeing the gp) then I don't think that's anything to be worried about.

Idk about anyone else but I'm finding myself increasingly vulnerable to spurts of adrenaline when under stress. If confronted I can feel my heart race into action and my hands shake, and this is in civilian situations - in a shop or on my sofa, not under fire. I'm on levo and t3.

A gp once told me the release (or production? or something) of adrenaline is facilitated by t3. If I'm mangling that explanation maybe someone will recognise what I'm trying to say. I was attending my appt, almost certainly feeling defensive because in the past they have been so rubbish, and my heart was racing apparently. I think she was trying to say she'd rather see me on less t3 but my bloods were fine.

Strangely I wasn't a bit fazed but was curious as to what this chap would say. I didn't expect a lot but did think he would ask certain questions - none of which transpired. My BP was checked before hand when I was quite relaxed really but if it was that high before I went in I cannot imagine what it was when I left. He really was arrogant and shocked me greatly, I asked if he was interested in his patient's present state and he just kept repeating I agree with your GP, you are on the correct dosage. I had taken information and a letter plus a list of my symptoms so that I didn't forget anything but all to no avail. He was not prepared to discuss anything to do with me personally and that was that. Golly I hope I am not in for episodes like that. I have heard that one can get a machine to monitor BP so will try and look into that. Thanks for replying - from one 'gook' to another gook'


I swapped to a different GP at my practice, as few years ago, after years of ncompetence, eye rolling, & treating me like a control freak because I wanted choice regarding what happens to my body.

My current GP thought I was going to be buying "snake oil" when I told him of my intention to import NDT, a year ago. He could see a big difference in my health after 6 months, which is how long it took me to get the dose right, after a few hiccoughs. I go by how I feel, rather than blood test results, which are NHS "normal". I added some T3 earlier in the year, & liked it, but found the tablet dosage much lower than the equivalent dosage of my preferred NDT (no more abuse from anyone who disagrees, thanks!).

My BP is low. I eat a clean diet with lots of fruit & veg, pulses & nuts, & kefir every day. I take iron sulphate & chelated magnesium supplements. I have just started taking zinc, to see if helps my hair grow.


I would agree with SeasideSusies excellent advice to consider going gluten free first, before trying other options. You might be astonished at the improvement. It does have to be 100% - so no malt vinegar, (eg ketchup, pickles etc ) only gluten free beer (wine and cider are fine)

I know it is worth a try but I had an operation for endometrioses years ago and they severed the nerve to my external anal muscle which left me with quite a problem which I have managed to cope with and the grains are all part of it. I couldn't cope with that as well right now so will still sort the rest out and then see but thank you - I have come a long way from where I was and it was taking time but worth it. I do appreciate all the advice and thank you all for the help. That was why I was so upset with the clinician, he spoke so disparaging and when I informed him that but for you all the improvements I was seeing were not down to his profession but those 'plebs'! Oops moderator hope I haven't blotted my copy book.

So if I start T3 should I expect a reduction after a period of time. I certainly do not want any more medication as I have read too many on here that end up with more medication and no help to their conditions at all but seem to make matters worse. Is there someplace I could get something to monitor my blood pressure and could recommend a brand or whatever please - thank you so much for the information.

I hope I am not being a nuisance to you all. The blood pressure was a bit of a shock and just one more thing to take into account. They have been checking for myeloma as a trace came up on a blood test so I have had that to contend with also - all has come back negative for that thank God. Thanks for all your patience.

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