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high blood pressure

firstly I would like to thank everyone who answered my last question I took the advice and went to see my G.P he took my blood pressure and said it was high and he was putting me on tablets to bring it down he wants me to have some blood tests done when thyroid was mentioned he said it couldnt be that as my blood pressure would not go up if I was under active. So its back to the drawing board and see what the blood tests show if anything

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I am afraid that your GP might be inadequately expert in hypothyroidism.

Three factors contribute to systemic hypertension in overt hypothyroidism: increased peripheral vascular resistance, increased arterial stiffness, and endothelial dysfunction.

Wilmar M. Wiersinga, M.D.

Department of Endocrinology F5-171 Academic Medical Center Meibergdreef 9 NL-1105 AZ

There is plenty of evidence - both in the form of academic/research papers and "anecdotally" (e.g. from what people have written here) - to support hypothyroidism causing hypertension.

To be fair to the doctor, hypothyroidism can cause low blood pressure.



Hypertension is the only contra-indicator that I have, against UAT and it was actually increased with the use of multiple BP meds. No one would bite the bullet and stop them for ages till a stand in Dr [now moved on !!] stopped 3 in one go. BP went down. Yeah...

Another stressor added by NHS guideline behaviour..

I had high BP long before UAT questions arose- but they are certainly not mutually exclusive -in my rather localised experience, anyway!


Hi Make sure you thyroid is right, on line tests ,if needs must, TSH, T4 and free T3. If GP says that you have Hypertension, insist on a home monitor for 24 hours before treatment. This is always good and now recommended by NICE. Once on treatment , usually for life, so make sure. Also be sure to have cholesterol treated, that too often related to thyroid and very important for a "normal"person to be below 5.

Best wishes,


Not sure if you know but to reply to a specific post, if you wish to, click on "reply to this" under that post, so that we know.


thanks for that Jackie I have got my own monitor and had been checking blood pressure for two weeks as I had been going lightheaded it was high at one point 160/114. so this is why he put me on medication straight away. my cholesterol did jump up a couple of years ago and now I am on meds for this as well. I am having blood tests and an E.C.G in a week so maybe something will show up then.


Hi Glad you do your own, much more reliable, so long as a cuff, not wrist and sit with arm straight without talking,at a table. ten mins rest first! it is the no talking that gets me. I have a very impatient husband! it still is most likely under treated thyroid!My hear a wreck so any queries, if you like e send me a PM, click on my name


best wishes,


+1 as Rod said Ann.

I had high (life threateningly so at times) blood pressure for many years while very hypothyroid. The blood pressure (while still an issue) has improved since getting to a reasonable repalcement regime.

My personal view is that if initial discussions fail that there's rarely much point in continuing to try to convince a GP who clearly has dug in on positions that don't stand up - whether on thyroid or other issues.

They tend either to be relatively open minded and up to to speed, or not....



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