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High blood pressure and constant need to pee


So went to docs today because for past couple of weeks ive been peeing upto 6 times a day. My upper back pain has returned, my right hip will get sharp pain when I bend down, both my butt cheeks feel uncomfotbale achey . She took urine sample which had traces of blood (whch i always seem to have when checked) so she's sending off to lab. She's given me antibiotics for what she thinks is an infection but if it comes back clear she thinking of sending me for scan of my stomach and kidneys. She's checked my blood pressure and said it's high for my age (male 27) and has been last few times it's been checked. Todays it was 137/94 and in past even been in 140s. Because of chest pain and discomfort she wants me to go back next week and discuss it. I'm now starting to get really scared! Last thing I need with ongoing current issues and had to cremate my dad last week....

Feel like giving up.

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Is your thyroid condition stable?

Hypo101 in reply to bluebug

Bloods say they are but in reality no

bluebug in reply to Hypo101

Unfortunately we aren't party to your scans or other blood tests you have so you are going to have go and talk to the doctor as it could be a number of other conditions or simply stress.

BTW Did you ever get your T3 result when asked 2 months ago? You may need to do private tests as even if doctors ask for them the NHS lab will refuse to do it if your figures aren't badly out of range.

Hypo101, why not post your lab results and let us see where you are. If you are still hypo, that could be causing your high blood pressure. Age isn't a very good guide to anything when you're hypo, and your doctor should know that!

Check your vitamin D blood levels.

85% of us here in Uk are either low or deficient in vitamin D.

I cured my hip pain, tailbone pain, (you mentioned achy butt cheeks) and lower back pain, along with sciatica leg pain, restless legs at night and stiffness when getting up out of chairs and bed with a dose of 5000iu vitamin D3.

All went almost overnight, but all pains come back if I forget to take my vitamin D3.

*Only guessing you could be Low or Deficient in vitamin D Hypo101

I'm guessing the stresses you have in your life at the moment are making things worse. At least your doctor is wanting to see you and investigate further, don't be scared, be thankful. So many doctors seem disinterested in their patients these days.

I do hope that things will be OK, and that all your tests are fine.

Best wishes


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