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Hi I have blood pressure that fluctuates....high and normal. At the surgery it is always high and so I have been put on blood pressure tablets again. The tablets are not working, high at surgery again and I feel dreadful. I have had two 24hr blood pressure tests and 24 hour ECG, all fine. I have UAT Thyroid and am trying to get T3 dose right. My cholesterol has dropped form 9.2 to 3.7 which is good, but am at my wits end regarding blood pressure. Any help please/. x

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  • Have you got a blood pressure machine of your own at home? If so take your pressure regularly maybe in the morning and at night and keep a record of your results with dates and times.

    I'm the same as you, as soon as I go near my health centre my readings go sky high and I'm taking tablets (lisinopril) Even when I use the DIY machine in the surgery it is high. My body is just ridiculous!

    When I do mine at home my pressures are exactly where they should be. Also don't know if anyone has told you but you ought not to talk when you are having your BP taken. I read somewhere that if you think of a low number while the machine is reading that helps keep it low but believe me that definitely doesn't work!

    If you have had two BP tests and a 24 hour ECG and all of them look ok then you ought to be ok, assuming you went about your normal life and did some energetic things while you were wearing the monitors.

  • Thanks for that x

  • If you buy your own BP monitor, make sure you get a reasonable quality one. There is a list of BP monitors on this page that have been validated by the British Hypertension Society or other reputable organisations, and they aren't all expensive.


    I should point out that the prices quoted on that page are way out of date, but the list is still worth using.

  • I have a monitor. It seems the tablets have put my blood pressure up!

  • I bought my blood pressure monitor for 214.00 and it is still not calbrated...it is one of the ones that the Dr. give you to take home for a 24 hour reading... My blood pressure is still out of control!

  • I've never looked into the price of monitors which do their stuff continuously for 24 hours, I've only looked at the kind that doctors use in their surgeries i.e. cuff round the upper arm ones and you get a single result. I don't think there is any chance I'll ever be buying a 24 hour one at that price!

  • Does your blood pressure rise at the surgery? - mine does (probably due to many years of arguing over medication dose!). They call it white coat hypertension and it doesn't require treatment, you just need a means of monitoring it at home. Good luck

  • I have white coat syndrome. Think I am getting GP Syndrome!!!

  • Try to supplement with magnesium. Most of us are deficient and one of the signs of this deficiency is blood pressure fluctuation. It can get worse once you start taking tablets to regulate it.


    life-saving-naturalcures-an... Dr Caroline Dean has written excessively about magnesium deficiencies. It will also benefit the thyroid.

  • Do you have to take the BP tablets as well

  • Hi to all on this site ,I have white coat syndrome when at doctors it's high,I suffer from anxiety 8 yrs now over a week ago my GP put me on a day BP monitor 15 reading taken,only 4 were high which the nurse said overall not bad at all ,went this week to see my GP she wants it lower so from 20 Mgs it's been raised to100 mgs a day she said it was new guide lines they were given So there was me happy with the days results on monitor ,this 100mgs came as a big surprise ,feeling light headed for 2days , after taking just 4 tablets think dosage to high a jump has anyone come across this . I'm on Losartan many thanks

  • Hi Essential to have a 24 hour home BP monitor before any treatment. Even NICE say this. Having a BP measured by any doc is not sufficient.In lots of people it goes up that way. Home measuring, cuff and done correctly is better. one of my consultants, once had this problem and he did not believe it until proved to him. BP treatment is for life, good if needed. if given beta Blockers, not ideal, make sure you onluy take them on the day after the thyroid tests, false result.


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