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High Blood pressure is there something I'm missing

Hi for the third time since my twenties my blood pressure has become very high for no apparent reason.(227/127) even though I was on medication. I have had a series of tests to check no organ damage occurred so far so good. I still have to do a 24 hour urine test to check the function of my adrenal glands Ithink. None of the doctors seem concerned about my history of hypothyroidism and vitamin d deficiency. The vitamin levels are Ok at the moment but my TSH is at 1.5 down from 3.5 when My vitamin d levels were very low. Gp thinks TSH is ok but before the problem with the vitamin d it had been steady at around 0.5 with T3 and T4 in range. ( I take levothyroxine and liothyonine)I feel OK so I'm not going to make a fuss unless this may be tied in with sudden increases in blood pressure. Has anyone come across this?

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Have you had your calcium and parathyroid checked ? Vitd deficiency and high blood pressure are symptoms of parathyroid disease.


I found my BP was high when I was very low in iron. Is yours okay, do you know?


Oh, and this is an interesting link on the subject of blood pressure :


What is your actual vitamin D level? What is your haemoglobin and ferritin levels?

Results of "ok" and "low" are meaningless.

After scratching my head I recently realised that the NHS is happy to leave people with not only inadequate ferritin levels but mildly iron deficiency anaemic according to WHO guidelines.


Thank you for your replies. I haven't got my current vit d results but it was as low as 19 ( haven't got ranges to hand) but definitely back in OK range. I will ask about ferritin at my next appointment. I will read article about blood pressure.


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