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Hypothyroid and learning to take responsibility for my health

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 26 years ago after the birth of my first child. I have had many symptoms over the years but I did not know that there were any other options out there other than the Eltroxin I had been on for all these years. I finally decided to do some research about a year ago and learned of ndt. I started taking it about 2 months and although I do feel better on it I still have some symptoms which I believe are hormonal. I am going to see a naturopath soon to see if she can help with this.

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Hi and welcome,

Many mothers of new babies might for the first time experience a dysfunction of their thyroid gland.

You say you switched to NDT about 8 weeks ago, which is a relatively short time and it needs a longer gradual increase.

When switching to NDT, normally we switch to an equivalent dose of levo, i.e. 100mcg of levo is equal, in effect, to 1 grain of NDT. So, if taking 100mcg you switch straight over to 1 grain, after two weeks increase by a 1/4 or 1/2 NDT and every 2 weeks thereafter until you feel relief of clinical symptoms. You should take pulse/temp before beginning so you have a starting point and be aware of your pulse/temp and should either rise too high drop to the previous dose.

I believe confusion arises as NDT is quoted as 60mg or 65mg against levo 100mcg.


(I am not medically qualified just experience of undiagnosed/unmedicated/undermedicated hypo but am well now. It took several years to find a solution).

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That's really helpful thank you


I have been increasing I take 2 in the morning now and 1 at night. Unfortunately I did not take my temperature at the beginning but will start doing that now just to keep an eye on things


You just need to do that initially, then you get to a daily dose which suits.

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