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Re all replies to my hypothyroid post

Just want to thank everyone for their replies to my thyroid prob.Hope to get in to see the doc Tom or mon and see what he says.Im not going to go quietly into the night this time if he's not going to do anything about it and won't care if I have to pay to go and see someone no matter where they are based.It seems by reading other people posts that if we all lived in the states a lot of people would have been diagnosed years earlier.One of my biggest problems is that because I have always kept fit that from the outside I look completely healthy which is what the Dr has prob thought so no treatment.Someone did mention my iron and ferritin levels which I did have tested and were on the low side so my doctor put me on iron tabs which got my levels back up to normal.Made absolutely no difference to my symptoms and that was the last time I saw him.To be fair to him he has had no problems running blood tests for me but I just got disillusioned with nothing obvious coming back.It seems obvious to me that my thyroid has my system all over the place.Im just going to list my symptoms below to see if it rings true with everyone else and help anyone who starts to get any of these.

The worst symptom is my head,it feels in a daze all the time,so tired behind the eyes.

Body also fatigued with aching muscles which won't recover from exercise any more,ESP my legs which are always sore.

Cold hands and feet which results in having to wear a t-shirt and socks in bed

Patches of dry skin and recurrence of ringworm infection in certain areas

Body also seems to react to when it gets hot and under real physical strain by causing light headed and faintness

Over the last 4-5 years a number of my toenails have gone really course.Had them tested 3 times for fungal infection but always negative.The only way to cut the pinky nails now is to use cable cutters out of the toolbox which is just wrong.

Acid reflux which only started a couple of years ago out of nowhere which I take omperazole for

Only a little weight gain but that's only down to a good diet and still dragging my tired body down to the gym for some more punishment.The cardio is the only thing that will bring about a bit of normality in my head for a while.However the next morn I will be back to being in a daze again.Im lucky these days if can manage 3 days a week of cardio due to the fatigue.

One last thing,measured my morning body temp for a week and it was always in the low to mid 35's rising about a degree to mid 36's in the late afternoons.

Feels good to be so healthy


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Ask your GP to run a full thyroid profile (that includes Free T4 and Free T3) but he may only run a TSH and T4 and if your TSH is deemed 'normal' no action may be taken.

Get a copy of your thyroid blood tests and post here for someone to comment and put in the ranges as well - the figures in brackets as labs differ Also Vit B12 and Vit D should also be tested.

A low temp is a symptom of hypo as well as your others.


I've read that the levels considered 'normal' vary greatly from one person to another. I was told I was only just in the range where they start to medicate and I'm only on 25mg of levothyroxine but this small amount has made a massive difference to my well being and my ability to cope with my job. After ten difficult months, I'm begining to feel like my old self again... I've also read that only a short while ago, the threshold where treatment begins was changed so that a few years ago, I would not have received any meds until I got even more unwell. I find that quite scarey. I'm guessing I'm perhaps very sensitive to small changes in thyroid levels and started to become ill while in the sub-clinical stage - maybe you are too? Good luck.


Ian - Here's a link to your previous post, with blood results etc.

J :D


The omeprazole is pretty bad news...... It messes up all sorts of stuff as you will no longer absorb vits and minerals...... 'Acid reflux'. Is often a result of too little acid and the remedy is to add to it not stop production. Betaine hcl is well worth trying. . ( I buy from eBay)

Have a read of dr myhills page about low acid here.....

G x


Avoid omeprazole is you can. Galathea was right. I got given it for my stomach problems and it made everything worse. I abandoned it quickly, You have hypo symptoms and signs. It doesn't matter what you look like. I get told that I look healthy and it is maddening. What are you supposed to do, soldier on until you start to look truly awful. Doctors get very hung up on just a few classic signs of hypo: weight gain, hair loss, tiredness and so on. There are plenty of others. Don't go quietly into the good night, Ian. Good luck.


Hi Ian, You've taken your morning temperature --- the first two should be done before you get out of bed : the initial temperature to be taken under the arm the next by mouth ..... these are for the thyroid. After that 12 noon, 4 pm then before bed (or round 8-9pm) are for the adrenals. Good idea to do this for 7 days and then do an average for each. What is looked for is the fluctuations. Should not be too great. Extreme tiredness etc is not just related to a messed up thyroid. Th adrenals take a hell of a load when you are unwell especially when the patient is on thyroid meds and they are not supported. All vits and mins need to be checked also, plus insulin levels. Hope this is helpful.


Ian, you might try fish oil or flaxseed oil as some form of omega 3 and a good magnesium, if you take nothing else. It may help your brittle nails.


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