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Best diet for hypothyroid?


Hi guys,

I really need to know what would be the best plan to follow. I've managed to lose 3 stone and have put on 1 because I got so bored of counting everything! I have below range DHEA and my adrenals were a little low. I'm thinking low carb but I can't completely give up carbs (i love porridge). I don't eat wheat/gluten as it definitely effects me. I gave up smoking 4 years ago and I think there was a little bit of chocolate replacement going on there too! Im just confused and find some of it a bit complicated..paleo, low carb, GL (which I do like the look of).

Any experiences?


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Are you taking sufficient thyroid hormones? Is your TSH low?

A link which may be helpful:


Here you can find a good article about Hashimoto's and foods:

I did SCD diet, which is essentially low carbs diet and I was fine. I'm thinking of doing a Ketogenic Diet, which is very low carbs diet (excellent to loose weight if you need to) and this blog is great about it:

Whatever diet you decide to do - and personally I'm not a great fan of 'diets' - make sure you get plenty of fat. The biggest mistake people make is going low-fat.

Fat is essential for our brains and our adrenal hormones, and eating it doesn't make you get fat! I know it's high in calories, but the bonus is, if you get enough fat, you don't have to count calories - which are a bit of a red Herring, anyway.

The thing about calories is, we've been brain-washed to believe that they are the enemy. They aren't. They're just units of energy. Energy that you need for every bodily function, such as digesting and breathing. If you don't get enough calories, you cannot convert your T4 to T3 correctly, which means that you get more hypo and therefore put on more weight. The bottom line is, you need an optimal level of T3 to lose weight - low T3 = weight gain.

Apart from that, gluten-free is supposed to lower antibodies if you have Hashi's. I have Hashies but gluten-free did nothing for me. Doesn't work for everybody.

Hypos need a bit extra protein - not lashings, but more than average. Low carb - but not no-carb - high fat, decent protein. Eggs are good, but lots of people are lactose-intolerant. Be careful of fruit and veg and nuts, some of them are goitrogenic and might be having an adverse effect on you. Plenty of water - but not too much. Minimal suger - or healthy sugar like coconut flower sugar - coconut is very good for hypos. And don't stint on the salt. Our adrenals and hearts need salt.

Personally, for me, it's a question of trial and error, finding out what works for you, what you feel good on, rather than seeking out a ready-made, one-size-fits-all diet plan. Because one size never fits all.

Also, find out which nutrients you are deficient in and supplement. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can have disasterous effects on us, things like B12, iron and magnesium, all essential for the correct utilisation of our thyroid hormones. You can't depend on your food to supply you with all you need. For one thing, depleted soil means that our food no-longer contains enough nutrients. Secondly, hypos have difficulty absorbing the nutrients due to low stomach acid.

Proably not what you wanted to hear. lol But that's my take on food. And, remember, a little of what you fancy, does you good!

Hugs, Grey

Daisy77 in reply to greygoose

brilliant response grey. My sentiments exactly! since you mentioned low stomach acid once before i have been taking betaine hydrochloride and it is working a treat. I find i can eat things that i couldn't before.

greygoose in reply to Daisy77

That's great, Daisy! :)


just picked up on this post. The food information is really helpful.

I'm looking at my Vit and mineral intake; taking several there a one or two tab supplement out there which would meet the need.

I'm a bit boggled with it all and getting the right amount seems complicated and not taking too much. Any thoughts, help would be very useful.

Thank you

Ummm... not a fan of suppléments that try to mix this and that with the other, etc. You end up not getting enough of anything to help in one tablet, so you end up taking just as many tablets as if you're taking the elements individually, plus too much of some things you don't want. These things would have to be individually designed to fit the patient, and I don't think that's something we all have access too.

For example, I foolishly allowed myself to run out of magnesium. Here in France it's difficult to find a good selection of vitamins and minerals, they tend more towards the green tea and Cranberry end of the market, if you see what I mean. So, when i tried to buy some magnesium in a shop, rather than on the internet, the only one I could find had added folic acid! Quite why anyone would want folic acid with their magnesium, I haven't been able to find out, but I get folic acid in my B complex, and I'm not convinced folic acid is a good thing to take, anyway. It also had iron, and as I want to take a special type of iron seperately, the iron in the magnesium would have made me go over the top... That's an extreme example, but seeking out the exact blend that you want with the exact quantities of everything would be extremely difficult, I think.

The amounts you take would depend on how much you need. Have you had them all tested? This can, I realise, be difficult, not to say impossible, with the standard of knowledge that currently exists in doctor's surgeries. So, you need to go by symptoms. Knowing all the symptoms of all the possible deficiencies, plus the symptoms of over-load, takes a lot of reading, and I'm not quite at that level of proficiency. I can only tell you how much I take and what effect it has on me, and why I believe I need it. But we're all different, and what is good for me, may not be good for you. Plus, it's a good idea to know what to take with what and what not to take, and when. There is no one-size-fits-all, even with vitamins and minerals. And you're right, it is mind-boggling! lol

What I can tell you is that it's difficult to over-dose on B12 (and that B12 deficiency is horrible and could account for 50% of a person's sympotms, if not more!). So, I take 2000 a day at the moment. And if, as sometimes does happen, I forget to take it, I know about it by the evening!

So, if you need any specific information within those parameters, just let me know and I'll see if I can help. But, as I said before, it all comes down to trial and error in the end.

Hugs, Grey

Thank you...that is so helpful. I'm taking vits& minerals a bit 'blind' at the moment. My GP doesn't test anything much but gathering from other info and yours I need to get my B12 up as it's more than likely low also taking D with Magnesium, but perhaps not enough. Take 'fizzy' 1000 vit C and also fish oils and a supermarket very basic iron 100 percent. New Year now so will push with getting some bloods done privately. Thanks again.

If you are going to get tested, be sure to stop your suppléments a few weeks beforehand to get a true reading. Otherwise you're just going to be fobbed off with 'in range'!

Ok..... That's interesting.... So I sort of have to poss. get less well to have tests......what a game we have to play...........

Just a thought.... Do you take a B complex and then extra B 12? Need to get my head around the 'how to' as there seems to be loads of important B's - if I can get them sorted it will be one less boggle! And....when to take them would be helpful.

Apologies for lots of asks but the info is truly appreciated and each bit of info gets me a bit further......

Clutter in reply to Holmeschild

Holmeschild, there isn't much B12 in a B complex. If B12 is low it's best to take 1,000mcg methylcobalamin B12 sublingual lozenge, spray or patch and continue with the B complex to keep the other B's balanced.

Holmeschild in reply to Clutter

Thank you so much Clutter, that tells me exactly what I need to do.

Hi, i have had my thyroid removed about 15 years ago now and i have had terrible trouble keeping my weight down.I am on 100mcg of thyroxine . I have also been diagnosed with fybromyalga that is just the latest ,and i have just han my bloods taken for a vitamin check and i an 21 and apparently i should be 75 so i am very low . Doctor gave me 5 20,000 vitamin D3 and was told to take them all, then go back in 4 weeks for another 5, then in another 4 weeks for another 5. then i have another test done. But with all the ailments they kepp telling me i have they are just confusing me. They told me right at the very beginning i had reynards then no not that it was rhumatoid arthritis. Then not that just arthritis. then fibromyalga. I have also been told i have chronic fatigue syndrome. but to tell the truth i think its all down to thyroid and i am at a loss right now. Then to top it all off my husband has hypo now and his neck is really swollen and is waiting for an opperation to have it out. O and almost forgot my thyroid is growing back, and when i asked the doctor " can your thyroid grow back because i am getting the choking back that i had before". he told me not to be so silly . so where do you go from their.

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