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GP rung me after my first blood tests and told me I need to be resting. He told me not to go to work. That was 3 weeks ago. In the mean time, I’ve had 2nd blood test, where he said , think of this rest as if you had an operation and rest. Today my 3rd blood test came back, I rung for results, and was told, Gp wants telephone consultation with me next Tuesday.!

I’m now, still on sick! And really want to go back to work as I don’t feel I can stay on sick for weeks..... I’m really frustrated by the fact, I’m not going to know blood results for another week!!

I feel it’s important to get results and move on with life instead of being stick in limbo... I’ve emailed Gp and basically asked, the reason for not being in work and also asked for my blood results.... so frustrated .....I guess I feel results must have improved if Gp, waiting a week to talk to me !! Or is this my impatienceness symptom of thyroid? Xx

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That's nonsense, is the man desperate for a bit of vicarious cloak and dagger excitement at your expense, or is it unbelievable evidence of paternalism? And in any case, if you feel well enough to go to work or do cartwheels down the street, that's your choice. Simply call into reception and ask for copies of each of the blood tests, and remind them that it is your legal right to have that information under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and that there can be no charge made. Remind them that as you are not a minor nor mentally disabled they have no power to withold this data from you; and that your request for data access can be in the form YOU chose, whether that is in writing, by email, OR verbally (some are unlawfully insisting patients put it in writing). It sounds really creepy to me.

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Caz8081 in reply to MaisieGray

Thanks for reply.... I’m guess I want you to know what blood tests mean, do I need medication, can I go to work, should I drive etc etc.... I have so many question and I feel Gp can only answer questions, as he has results. I’m bit scared to go to work before I clear it with him....

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Caz8081 in reply to Caz8081

I must say, I’ve had symptoms of, foggy had, dizzy, feeling like I’ve been strangled, bit shaky but, last 2 days I’ve felt on top of the world.

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MaisieGray in reply to Caz8081

It's a sad fact that posting your results here is likely to get you a greater and more accurate understanding of your test results than from many Drs. Your feeling of being strangled may very well be indicative of a goitre, but a goitre can develop for a number of reasons, so having those test results is an important next step to managing your health. If it transpires that you have a life time condition of thyroid disfunction, you will manage it so much better by being informed and in control; and a GP withholding information won't be helpful in that.


Do you feel too ill to go to work? Has the GP written a sick note for work?

If so what did he put on your sick note?

If you feel ok I wouldn’t listen to your GP.

Don’t think I would be listening to anything he said to be honest.

It goes without saying if your told to rest from something showing in your blood tests, surely he would know you would want to know what’s showing on those tests.

I presume you pushed him for an answer?

As MaisieGray has said go to the GP surgery and ask for copies of your blood results.

What bloods did you have taken Thyroid, vitamins?

All sounds very strange to me.

Best Wishes


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Caz8081 in reply to Peanut31

The day Gp told me to rest, I had just finished a 7 hour shift! I didn’t feel unwell , but had been tired, lack concentration, impatient and 1 hot foot for weeks. I definitely didn’t feel I’ll.

Gp give sick note for 16 days.... during time I been off work, I’ve been tired, very foggy head and seem to have inability to handle lots of people around me. I felt as if, my head was spinning and full of nonsense. Felt really low in mood last week but feel great so far this week.

Before my last blood test, Gp told me to book another blood test and appointment with him.... unfortunately, receptionist, won’t let me book appointment with Gp....same receptionist, rung me today, to tell me Gp will ring next week...

First test was for full thyroid test, but not vitamin.... because this all new to me... I’m only aware, auntibodys improved, but don’t know from what to what! 1 thyroid level, don’t know which! Went from 29, too 34.... Gp seem concerned by this! 2 weeks ago. Once I get blood results I post them.

Email I sent to Gp today, has to be answered by Gp by 6pm tomorrow night

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Peanut31 in reply to Caz8081


Maybe if you explained a bit more in your first post, we could give you better advice.

You said your not sure what thyroid result was 29 or 34 if it’s your (TSH) and not your antibodies results, then he should stop buggering about with more blood tests. He should of started you on Levothyroxine 50mcg.

You really need to obtain those past results and we can help you.

Best wishes & Good luck


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Caz8081 in reply to Peanut31

First result was 29. Then this went up to 34. As I said, I don’t know which T ...., this was.... thank you for your help. I’m hoping to pick up blood test and post them tomorrow. I’m sure I get best advice on this site. Again thank you

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Heloise in reply to Caz8081

Since it's difficult to get any thyroid tests, the TSH is usually the common one so I'm assuming that was the 29. That is very high and if it's going up that's not good. How far apart were the tests. It usually takes a while for any increase in TSH so this is not sudden. Therefore he should have started treatment of some sort besides rest. Not liking this doctor or his receptionist. You should be taking selenium and zinc. You will have to make some other changes once you learn what you have.

You may have good days as your body tries to adjust. Then you'll have bad days again. At least that was my experience.

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Rmichelle in reply to Caz8081

The dooner you get a copy of your bloods the better and take time to understand about reading the levels and ranges...its your body. Do not relay on gps.x

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Caz8081 in reply to Peanut31

On sick note he put fatigue

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Peanut31 in reply to Caz8081


Please obtain your blood results from your GP surgery. Don’t take any rubbish from the receptionist.

Tell them politely, you are entitled to copies by law GDPR that came into place on 25th May 2018.

Once you have them make a new post on here and people can help.

If your TSH is 29 or 34, you need Levothyroxine asap. You should be treated by the NHS once your TSH reaches 10 or above.

I would insist you see another GP for an emergency appointment if your TSH is 29, 34. They should put you on 50mcg of Levothyroxine for 6 weeks then increase by a further 25mcg every 6 weeks.

Every 6 weeks you need a blood test, testing TSH, T3 & T4. Don’t take your Levothyroxine before the blood test. No eating and drink water only. Book the blood test as early in the morning as possible.

Your aim is to get your TSH to 1 or below, and T3 & T4 in the higher figures of the lab ranges.

Best wishes


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MaisieGray in reply to Peanut31

Or if it is your FT4, or FT3 particularly, that is 29 or 34, your thyroid could be heading in the opposite direction. As Peanut31 says, it is really important to give the full information when you post here otherwise the thread can go off in the wrong direction; and important therefore, that you have the full information to give.

Whenever I have asked for copies of results have been able to pick them up same day, provided the doctor has seen them. Normally within a couple of hours of asking.As other people have suggested post your results on this site and some very knowledgable people will be able to help you. All the best in sorting everything out.

in reply to elwins

II was nervous asking for results the first time because of the difficulties some have. But the receptionist printed them out on the spot with no question at all.

I think that some will ask for a small nominal charge for ink and paper, but that is all they are allowed.

I would insist and say you know doctor has seen them but the not knowing is making you ill, can't sleep, not interested in eating etc then they might let you have them and if not ask to see another doctor if that can be made sooner.

They might try to put you on 25 as a starter dose but that is a starter dose for elderly or having a know heart problem and if you are doing 7 hour shifts then I'm assuming you are normally fit and healthy. It sounds like he is out of his depth and is either trying to find out how to treat you or is hoping your symptoms will go away! But he is also ignoring the fact that he has a patience with a. Informed problem and he needs to sort it out pronto!

When he puts you on medication he should ask you to return in 6-8 weeks for a retest to see if your medication needs to be increased. It probably will. It takes 6 weeks for each new dose to get fully into your system hence waiting 6 weeks to be retested. At first you may not feel any different as it takes time to get an effect but you may feel more by 4 weeks as your TSH is high. We start low to get our bodies used to it and then gradually build up until you are on a dose that's right for you. If you feel any itching that lasts more than a few days you may be reacting to the fillers. All medications have fillers that bulk up the active ingredient and to make it stable but some have an allergy to the fillers and need to try another brand until they know they have one they are happy with. Best them to ask your doctor to put that on your prescription if that's the case so you get your preferred one each time.

But we don't have to give reasons for wanting our test results, because the law clearly says that if we want them, they have to be given to us. Playing games with them, by creating reasons why we want them isn't the right thing to do; there is no "might give them", the law is very clear that they shall and if they don't, there are legal consequences. I simply walk into either of my surgeries, ask for a print out of whatever I want, and they print it out immediately, and that's how it should be.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to MaisieGray

I agree here.

We should not be asked. And, if asked, ideally we should refuse as a matter of principle.

I have said before, what do they do with the reason you provide? They either record it - which could be illegal collection of unnecessary personal information. Or they effectively drop it in the bin (that is, forget entirely by the next day).

You have way more patience then me.

I've had thyriod removed and now have to deal with the cardo division of "let's mug you off " as I'm averaging 140hbm and only have 15-20% of heart usage,which conveniently was discovered once the chrino team had done there work ie over prescribed and over used the drugs that were meant to reduce the over active thyroid which in fact pretty well burned out my lungs,heart and kidney to the extend that the best I can get is a transplant ( which of course not one side of these hypocrites have done the relevant paperwork to get me on the waiting list) so you but they don't seem understand the complete contempt I have for these "professionals" so when I'm told there going to do something and they dont get round to actually doing I let them know which probably is why there are at least 3 hospitals that refuse to treat me for there FU and a GP that refused to act when informed him I had issues with the original drugs prescribed- because he was on the same gravy train as the chrino team that have put me in this position. So bottom line is dont trust em there cover each other up when make mistakes and as geniune as they wish to seem when push comes to shove there not on your side

Hi there caz i had been too ill to work, i was diagnosed with hyperthyroudism 15 months ago and had the whole shabang of symptons, trembling, choking, heart palps, breathlessness, body jolts, could not even speak properley, slurred words and upto 8 panic attacks in a day. I was later diagnosed with hashis and graves too, i am still off work now and even though things are much better i am still not myself , nothing happens quickly with the thyroid the process is very slow, it is the master gland of the body!!

I was told by my gp i could have gone to work if i felt upto it but i really could not have completed 5 mins at my job, i was admitted to hospital 3 times with my resting pulse rate at 180 beats a min and was told to stay in bed and do not move as my heart was under strain.

If you feel ok and your pulse is not doing a marathon and your symptons are mild and you can string a sentence of words together then return but for me and many others with a whole host of vile symptons , it was impossible.

Only you can make the decision but please be careful. Good luck.🍀

Does your GP have online patient's access yet? If so get it set up, you can then see your blood test results. Frankly I'd be in there banging (nicely 😈) on the counter and asking for a print out if that's quicker.

I'm sorry. Idk what's wrong with see drs. My old Dr had med on Liothyronine because my results were so low. And it helped me so much for 3rs. Untill that Dr left and my new doctor saidy test results were good and completely took me off my meds cold turkey and put in my file I was taking them to list weight! I didn't even know that they made you loose weight. Obviously my blood would be good cuz I was oneds and obviously my old Dr and nurse had me on them for a reason. Now since August my health has went down the toilet so many bad things have been happening to me. Each blood test I take my thyroid is lower and lower but she refuses to admit that she was wrong. She said next month take another blood test and then let's see if it it lower. If it is I'll give you 5mcg a day. That's nothing when I was on 50 mcg a day which isn't a ton but was helping me so much and boosting my depression medication which helped that way too. Yet she only sees me once a month. So now I have to wait another month to get papers for the blood test, take the blood test then wait another month to have her read the results. So I basically have to wait untill March to hear more results which will be worse and maybe get 5 mcg. At a loss. Every day that goes by I get worse or develope another problem from my thyroid getting worse. She is a fat cow and maybe that's what she would love to have idk. But she is making me suffer just to prove to her I already had a problem all along and it shows in my records before her. I get more angry everyday that she is doing this to me. I tried to see another Dr she found out canceled my appt and when I about about to leave to go see the Dr the office called and said that she cancelled it. She said that I signed a paper saying she would be my only provider. She isn't even a Dr she's a nurse practitioner.

I hope you posted this as a main topic and not j just as an answer as I think there are NHS guidelines regarding taking away some ones T3. One of the members here should be able to give you some advice!

Liothyronine11 I empathise with you, my 20 mcg T3 was cut cold turkey, after 9 yrs of taking it. I believe you are in the US so the rules may be different, but here in the UK any permission we give regarding healthcare can be withdrawn at any time. I avoid nurses like the plague myself. A few years ago my then partner had a similar experience with a nurse, who took his weight and height, declared him "very obese" and lectured him on alleged health eating. What he recounted to me about that, was absolute twaddle, but more importantly, he was 6 ft tall without an ounce of fat on him and a waist measurement less than many younger men, so where she got the "very obese" from, who knows. But the funny thing was, that she was short and very fat, so presuming she was aware of her own BMI, she would know just looking at my partner that he was a healthy normal in comparison. It made me so mad that I accompanied him to his follow up appt and pointed out the many errors of her ways. She just blustered around, giving no explanation or apology for her nonsense. I fear for less knowledgeable patients who are taken in by it.

Oh wow maybe she was my Dr, lol. I'm 6ft tall and a perfect weight or a bit more weight that perfect. And I've always maintained my adverage weight most all of my life. In this last 6 weeks alone I've gained 25lbs and hardly every eat because I don't feel hungry but it I eat one thing I gain t lbs. Literally eat once a day and that's like a sandwich that's it and still gaining like crazy.

I would go on to the main thyroid uk website now and start reading, they have some very good pieces explaining the main thyroid disorders, symptoms, test types and result ranges, what you can do to help yourself and what GP should be doing etc. The most common thyroid disorder is autoimmune hashimotos where the thyroid is gradually destroyed, it causes swings in levels resulting in good periods and bad as hormone is dumped, this may be what you are experiencing but there are ways to manage it well for many.

Ask at the surgery how you get your electronic records turned on. Getting full access can be harder but basic access to things like test results, conditions, online prescriptions and appointments etc should only require a signature. It will stop the fight with officious receptionists too, ask for the maximum period available, ive got results going back 10 years for some things!

Do not stick with a bad GP. I saw 4 before i found a keeper, she is not thyroid knowledgeable but is willing to listen and be persuaded rather than sticking to established dogma. Sadly many know no more than you or are working on old outdated assumptions, you cannot assume they are the expert, they only get half a day training on the thyroid and most endo’s are diabetes soecialists not thyroid. Knowledge is key so you can recognise and challenge the common stupidity pedalled. Once you have your diagnosis you can research more accurately but you need the basics from the off, i have a tablet full of reputable research i took to my appts, GP never had any to counter! Do you have someone you can take to appts with you if needed, not someone shouty but someone who can firmly advocate for you and remember what was said in appts etc, especially on days when you are feeling foggy and befuddled.

If you are off for another week you have a golden opportunity to find out what you may be facing, find out what questions to ask and have a reasonable chance of judging whether he is going to follow the right path (first common one if you are hypo is ‘we will just start you on 25mcg levo retest in 3 months’ - unless you have another serious underlying health condition the correct response should be ‘we will just start you on 50mcg levo retest in 6-8 weeks’!

Just on a legal point. If the GP has written a sick note, then No, sorry, you cannot return to work if the note is still valid. Nearly every employer cannot allow you back to work. Their insurance would be invalid, and I have a feeling it is against the law. I used to know this stuff - oh for a brain again!

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MaisieGray in reply to serenfach

No it's not against the law - you couldn't have a Dr having legal control over you, other than a decision to section you, and that takes more than a single professional opinion in any case. You don't always have to be 100% fit to be able to do some work, work can even help your recovery, and you can go back to work as soon as you feel able, with your employer's agreement, even before your fit note runs out. It might not be possible for your employer to make the necessary workplace adjustments and they'd have to carry out a risk assessment; but if that is okay, then you can return to work earlier. It all hinges on the RA and the workplace adjustments.

Blood test results were free....xx

Your very right. I’ve asked for a fitnote to allow me back to work

It stopped on the 25 May 2018. Up till then they were allowed to charge a nominal sum to cover paper and ink but from queries on this forum there was a wide range of amounts for nominal!

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