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Even more fed up

After seeing my GP today, they have refused to do the bloody tests you have advised as my TSH has come back within normal range! She has said she will do a test to check my autoimmune to see if that shows anything, but as they don't treat T3 there's no point in checking it was what she said even when I said I'd pay private for the test. I said I'd been on this forum and Thyroid UK and she told me to stick to NHS Direct, feel totally deflated, please help.

The only test results I have from today was my TSH was 2.1, vit D was ok

She said my thyroid felt swollen so is sending me for an ultra sound scan

Where do I go from here?

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Go back and tell her thyroid uk is part of nhs choices and theres plenty of evidence to back up the need for requested tests


Tripper, point out to your GP that NHS Choices recommend the HU TUK forum :)

The antibody tests should confirm or rule out autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). The ultrasound scan will measure the size of your thyroid gland and any nodules. It will show the general condition of the gland ie smooth texture is healthy, but a coarse texture means it is damaged, often due to Hashimoto's, even though antibody tests may be negative.

Most patients are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0, although some need it lower. Inflammation can be due to TSH flogging the thyroid gland to produce more hormone.

Read Treatment Options in and email for a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.

VitD ok isn't a result, it's an opinion. In any case, we don't want ok, we want levels optimal when we're trying to feel well. Ask your GP receptionist for the vitD result and post it in a new question for advice.

Were ferritin, B12 and folate tested?

You can order private thyroid tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via Blue Horizon's thyroid panels include some mineral and vitamin testing.


Hi thanks for the reply, if you check out my post from last week I added my test results from the last 5 years, as I say though they don't test t3 I only have 1 result from 2011 which was 3.81 (ref range 3.5-7) unfortunately because she won't repeat it I don't know what it is now, do I need a gp to request the tests done privately? She also said the last scan I had 5 years ago showed an enlarged thyroid with cysts but was nothing to worry about, my voice is hoarse again and my throat feels swollen to me


Tripper, no, you can order the tests yourself. Even when GPs request FT3, most NHS labs decline to test unless TSH is <0.03. Labs are looking for elevate FT3 ie hyperthyroidism, not low FT3 in hypothyroid patients.


Tell her that is an NHS Choices too.

It just shows how ignorant some doctors are with regard to thyroid hormones. The point of checking your Free T3 would be to judge whether or not you are either on sufficient T4 to convert to T3. Is she aware it is T3 which drives her whole metabolism, not T4 and that T3 is required in the billions of cells in our bodies - obviously not.

Why would you want to read NHS Direct when they are not a 'support' group or have patients who have extreme difficulties due to the inflexible guidelines which leave many by the wayside.

I do know that some labs wont check anything else if TSH is in range so they only way, if you can afford it, is to get a Private Test. If you can you can get a small discount by entering Thyroiduk's code.


Thanks for the reply, I have an appt to see her next week and will let her know, it was obvious from her response that I'm not going to get anywhere with her, her whole attitude was that I couldn't know more than her! But form what she was saying she wasn't aware of t3 and its importance, I'll wait and see what the antibodies show when I have the test tomorrow and get the results next week thanks, I have some insurance through work (even though I'm in the UK) they will pay for blood tests do I could have it done and claim most of it back so that will be the next step x


Use your insurance and make sure you ask for the other tests usually recommended here : B12, D3, ferritin,folate and get the ranges.


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