So, I had my appointment with the endo and he says my results are normal and there's no need for any more tests other than a test for anti bodies! He told me twice that hypothyroidism is very common and that they are many sufferers! Grrrr! He also told me to carry on with 50mcg of levothyroixine and dismissed any of my latest symptoms! Can anyone shed me a bit more light please? Am I right in feeling angry, frustrated and non the wiser!! Shall I pay to see a private endo?

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  • We really need your results for anyone to help and comment - do you have the latest results with ranges.....

    What is normal for one is not normal for another ...

  • T4 - 17.5

    Tsh 0.07 (0.2724.20)

  • So how are the others - B12 - Ferritin - folate - Iron - VitD ??

  • I asked if I was able to get them tested and he told that there was no need? I don't feel confident that he was telling me the truth to be honest!

  • Danyell, he was telling the truth as he sees it. But the truth is that the majority of doctors, endos, etc are totally ignorant about nutrition. They cannot see the utility because they've never been taught it. And if they haven't been taught something, it doesn't exist!

    So, he's not a liar, he's just ignorant. lol

  • Shall I go to my gp and ask for them to test the others you mentioned?

  • Yes of course.....

  • He ranges for my t4 (12-22.00)

  • Your FT4 is quite good - however you need to know how it is converting into the FT3. T3 is the most active hormone and needed in almost every cell of your body - so VERY important. Labs often avoid testing it as it is a more expensive test....

  • You could pay for a private T3 test, there is a website that members use on here.

    When I was first diagnosed, my GP sent me for B12, folate , vitamin d, ferritin, they're all linked to hypothyroidism, so not unreasonable for your GP to send you for these bloods.

  • Thanks very much Rach67. I will do that. I guess I needed to be more confident in asking for more tests

  • The main Thyroid UK site has details of private testing:

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