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I have fought with gp for 3 years about my thyroid , it's so hard to get someone to listen - first they had me down for menopause( I was 37 at this point) along the way I have been diagnosed coeliac and due to brca 2 mutation now had a oopherectomy. I was beginning to question if my symptoms were due to menopause after op I should say I'm not on hrt ( age 40)

Quite typical under active symptoms but they just said It was anxiety etc... Then I had a swollen lymph node that they decided to scan on my neck and thank god they did the node was nothing but showed my thyroid had chronic inflammation .( 2 months ago)

The gp then said well your bloods are normal oh we don't know what to do with you so will throw it out to endo dept - I told them my blood line of relatives on mothers side are all under active.

Had meeting at endo , she took bloods one for thyroid level and one for antibodies said be In touch in a fortnight . Week later surgery phone and say by the way there's a prescription for you to collect - no explanation so I asked what for ? Your thyroid they said . That was it ! I then received my letter two days ago saying slightly under active start 100mcg levothyroxine and you will be on it for life . Retest blood in 6 weeks .

So here I am 100mcg thyroxine day 6, not got a clue what's happening so need to get blood results from surgery and start reading up .

I have gained about 3 stone over the last 3 years and wonders why when diagnosed with coeliac and went gf the weight did not drop ?

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Hello and welcome,

Sorry you have been treated so badly by your GP but that's why most of us are on this forum.

The first thing to do is go back to your GP's reception and ask for a print out of all your blood test results and the ranges. This is your right under the Data Protection Act 1998. You may have to pay a fee if the results are more than 40 days old. The reception staff should have a protocol to give you the results and you may have to wait a few days for a copy of them. Once you get the results start a new thread and post the results and ranges. (If the reception staff are obstructive start a new thread and people will give you suggestions of what to do.)

Also contact the endo at the hospital and again get a copy of your test results and ranges.

Finally to find out more about thyroid disorders read through the site thyroiduk.orguk

You are also entitled to free prescriptions on the NHS. Ask for the form FP92A at the doctors surgery and make sure they authorise it. However be aware just because you are entitled to free prescriptions there are still things that the GP won't do or prescribe for you, this is why it is both important to read up on your condition and ask members here if it's common for doctors not do do such and such test.

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Thank you so much to learn !


Sorry just edited my post.


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