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Making the thyroid stop working

Hi all,

I've got Hashimotos disease and I'm now almost 2 years looking for the right dose of Levo. I always get a blood test after 2-3 months and I almost always need to change the dose because I'm either hyper or hypo. I have symptoms and I also have the feeling of a pressure in my neck.

They've told me about RAI, the radioactive iodine treatment. They think that the Hashimoto hasn't destroyed all my thyroid tissue (yet) and that the thyroid is still sometimes giving hormone which could be the explanation of why my levels keep going up and down. With RAI they can help destroy the thyroid.

I have a appointment in a couple of days with my endo and I want to discuss this option because I can't do this anymore, how many months or years is it going to take? I was wondering if there is someone here with Hashi's that has experience with RAI and/or you guys have some other tips/advice. I also want to ask for a ultrasound of my thyroid because the pressure in my neck is really bothering me.

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I had a total thyroidectomy for thyCa. Because minimal thyroid cells remained I was lucky in that Hashimoto's symptoms resolved almost immediately after thyroidectomy. It can take up to six months for RAI to kill off the thyroid gland unless very high dose is administered.


Hi Clutter,

thank you for your reply. I had a ultrasound today which showed no swelling or nodules, they said I have a inhomogeneous thyroid caused by the Hashimoto's disease.

I had the appt with my endo yesterday, I think we will just wait and see..It will get better eventually I guess. My blood showed I probably now also have PA so we focus on that too.



Many Hashi patients find that a 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in improving symptoms and reducing antibodies.


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