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Anxiety getting the best of me

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Hello, I have posted before about my bout with anxiety with this episode of hyperthyroid. Diagnosed about 2 1/2 months ago with my 3rd round of graves hyperthyroid. Dr suggesting I have a permanent treatment (RAI) this time. My problem is my anxiety is so bad. Started taking Xanax about 2 months ago and some days it helps and others I feel like I need to take more. I take about .25 about 4 or 5 times a day and do not want to increase it because so worried about dependence. My neurologist jus gave me a script for Effexor (which I took before for migraines) but said I would likely have to increase Xanax at the beginning because it can cause more anxiety the first few weeks. See Endo again on Monday so I want to see what she says. Has anyone else had to take something else for their anxiety. I take metoprolol but that doesn't seem to help with anxiety.

Having a hard time getting my thyroid stabilized. Afraid if I get RAI I will go even more hyper right after treatment which I heard people do.

Any advice would help. Thanks

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i am with you- my anxiety is bad too the panic rises and i feel morehair fallingout-- i di dread up on breath technique, i think it was take 6 deep breaths slowly, stop then annother 6.. and so on

I have tried the breathing but still hard to calm down. Does it help you?

no not really

Might be worth researching EFT. It sounds very silly, but i found that it worked.

Pleeease can you put the meaning of 'EFT'....Not all of us are familiar with all these acronyms. I am also going through hell with anxiety and fear because I have taken myself off anti-depressants after many years of being on these dreadful, poisonous and dependent drugs. No sure where to turn to for help.

It stands for emotional freedom technique, but is usually referred to as EFT. To save you having to type "EFT" into a search box in your web browser, try here:

try L - theanine look up google if it interferes with your meds

Hi love at one time I was on diazepam codeine and zolpidem in high doses every day and wasn’t monitored that became a c bad story for me now I’m drug free it’s reduced and trying from a different angle but What works for one doesn’t another but just be careful with what they try to put you on because I’ve found so far in my life everything like that they stick me in was actually making me worse I thought it was me getting worse turns out it was the cocktail of drugs worsening everything xx

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bluepettals2 in reply to Leab8

i agree there, while not many people will agree i thinki tmaybe worth acupuncture or some sortof gentle homeopathy under guidence rather than a chemical load, i have had nervius system problemsince 2010 , all my circuit felt wired up had gone haywire and rather than find out why i was given gabapentine which i refused an dnow riprinerole whichi am not taking, i dont want to me a chemical guinea pig a s thatcan cause more problems it just masks the symptoms.

Have you tried cold water face splashing? Or even a cold shower? It sounds to most like a huge no no but if you start with cool and then work towards a little cooler each time you may find, as I do, that it can lift mood really well. I have a cold shower nearly every morning, I feel really enervated by the time I get out. For breathing have a look at a Win Hof video, again you may not be inclined but I’ve found it helpful. There a lot of videos on YouTube but I couldn’t pick up the links.

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Leab8 in reply to Espeegee

I’ve heard this and there’s a place that has a ice cold pool people swim in to get depression and anxiety as it’s been proven it worked on people better than meds ! 💜

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Espeegee in reply to Leab8

I wish there was such a pool near me, I love the water so I’d be keen to try it. I’m in Lancashire and I’ve not heard of one in these parts.

I recently read somewhere about swimming in open water being good for depression so I guess that’s in the same vein. Think there was a bbc program that featured it think it was presented by a Vanderpump .. something like “the doctor who ditched medicine”

Yes, I watched that, he was trying to save money on prescriptions, Chris Van Tulleken, he persuaded a depressed woman to try cold water swimming and after a bit of a hiccup she really enjoyed it and was able to reduce her medication. You can take cold baths at home but it nowhere near as much fun, my bath is way too shallow to get the proper full immersion you need.

Yes that was it !!🤗 I keep thinking about going to the coast to take a dip - not enough energy to swim.. think if energy improved so would mood.

Start with the cold showers, at least then you can gradually lower the temperature so you’re sure you’re ok with it. Even better, get a filter head so that the water doesn’t just flood you with chlorine, makes such a difference not having that awful pong and my water smells almost like rain now, I enjoy it even more.

After RAI treatment you will be hypo not hyper anymore ! sometimes rai treatment doesn't work ....i was diagnosed Graves' disease 2008

in reply to

sometimes no reason suddenly feel low mood and anxiety and feel emotional and lonely! Horrible disease....I'm from uk Lincolnshire NHS endocrinologist very ignorant here ! Since 2008 they never mention any symptoms they all said your thyroid high RAI ? Or surgery? Yes or No ?

Have you had your B12 checked? low B12 caused me really bad anxiety (never was an anxious person before) within 2 weeks of daily injections my anxiety went.

I take B-12 because it has been low before.

I would get checked again darling and if low ask for the b12 injections...I have to keep mine over a 1000

I am so sorry that you are in a bad place right now. I think we all have been there at some point. All thyroid conditions are like riding a roller coaster and some days are better than others. I have been refusing RAI treatment for several years. I am hyperactive and I know my symptoms and have become used to dealing with them. Having the surgery means I will become hypoactive and I don't want/ need a whole new set of symptoms to cope with.

I find reflexology is a good way to manage my anxiety. It is non invasive and very relaxing.

Unfortunately this isn't offered in my surgery but I chose to pay for this treatment and I believe it is worth the money for the well-being factor this brings me after each session.

I to have graves. I'm currently in remission but still suffer from bad anxiety at times and like bluepettals2 it affects my hair. I went to hypnotherapy and have a recording for anxiety which I listen to every day when my anxiety is really bad I find it really does calm me down a lot also agree with the other person on reflexology. I will not take any prescribed medications as I don't believe in them but that's just me. Good luck with finding a way to deal with your anxiety.


I started volunteering for one charity organization, and it's a great help for my anxiety.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I do find having my husband rub my back or just simply snuggling helps some. Has anyone tried CBD oil?

Ohh yes back rubs & snuggles help me too. So soothing if the cat snuggles while I nap in the day too.

Not tried CBD.

I agree that hypnotherapy can help. It worked for me when dealing with a knee injury and surgery. Also, i would try to find out why your thyroid is “sick”. Could your iodine intake be low/high? I know of people that used true iodine supplements and it helped balance their thyroid.

I have Graves Disease.

I'd recommend anyone with thyroid issues AND any one of the following.... anxiety, insomnia, back pain or cramping, heart disease, asthma, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, taking high dose vit d, taking high dose b12..... to read Carolyn Dean's book 'The Magnesium Miracle' or check out any information they can on magnesium. I'd certainly find out if any of the drugs you're on work like a diuretic which would deplete you not only of magnesium, but other essential electrolytes (like potassium) as well. Hypers' use Magnesium up incredibly quickly... even faster if they're supplementing vit d or b12, so need more; hypo's cannot absorb it well from food so need more too.

Taken at intervals throughout the day and start on a lowish dose to check that you're don't have any side effects (people with kidney issues or on certain meds may have problems with Magnesium). Mag Citrate is good, Mag Oxide is rubbish in so many ways; so you could build up by taking increasing quantity of Mag Citrate powder.

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jgelliss in reply to HLAB35

Great Information and Very Valuable . Thyroid and Adrenals work in unison . Supporting Adrenals is very important .

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HLAB35 in reply to jgelliss

Just replied to the op - thanks for reminding me to mention other things that support adrenals. :-)

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jgelliss in reply to HLAB35

Your Most Welcome .

Thank you very much, I will look into that.

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HLAB35 in reply to lisbriamy

As jgelliss has pointed out - adrenals are very important too. I take zinc 30mg at night and supplement b5 (reportedly very good for stressful situations) and b6 (as p-5-p) which really seem to work beautifully with magnesium.

I tried Sertraline for my anxiety, but I found CBD oil capsules help, good luck 😊

I had been taking Lorazepam every day to every other day for months now. I had my thyroid removed a week and half ago and have not had any since the operation. I was on the border of hyperparathyroidism. Fingers crossed my thyroid replacement medication does what it needs to do and I continue to live with the anxiousness gone.

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lisbriamy in reply to crenhov

I'm glad everything went well. Fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Lisbri i went thru it the same to right down to horrible panic attacks phobias of crowds etc, weekly doc visits, thinking i was losing it.. madly always felt better as day & evening went by( worst early morning.. went the simple natural route , exercise , good nutrition, sleep , music ,talking to friends , attempted meditation & breathing which at a minimum took my mind of anxious times, avoided any offered doctor serotonin tabs.. slowly 6-8 months eeek..things gradually lifted & am back on to better times, i try not to take things to seriously & dont dwell on minor probs or world issues etc. Good luck to you,it will depart nb . I sneaked a odd prayer in too.. Sschh..!

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lisbriamy in reply to

I try and get some light exercise (always an exerciser for my whole life),swimming, short walks and light yoga, but endo doesn't want me doing a lot because I was in Afib at the beginning of this journey. Started meditating but admit it is very hard when very anxious. Now I'm worried my taking the Xanax is keeping me anxious but refuse to take more than what I am now taking. I always feel shaky and a tightness in my chest. Glad you are feeling better.

Oh poor you. Being hyper really affects the nervous system. Its a vicious circle. It's important to get balanced. How long have you been on Carbimazole?

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lisbriamy in reply to ZoBo

I started methimizole about 2 1/2 months ago. Having a hard time regulating my numbers. I am hyper then hypo, go to endo tomorrow so hoping we will get close to a stable place. Very nervous about deciding RAI or surgery.

I've had the same problems as you for the past 7 years ,and tried everything, as a l last resort I I tried meditation …..This has greatly improved my anxiety and sleep problem and quality of life ( but you need to Perservere )..I say improved because it hasn't gone away but definitely feeling better for it.

I Hope this helps

Personally I think drugs are a no no, anxiety comes from the gut, so does low B12 and I’ve had all those symptoms, healing the gut with probiotics and prebiotics Vitaman B complex & B12, look at Gluten & dairy, these cause a lot of inflammation, always test before supplements, my low my mood and anxiety is mainly gluten & dairy especially, I now have a very clean diet, anxiety has gone until I have dairy again then it rears it’s head. B12 injection do really work better than tablets because it’s straight into the system.

Check out leaky gut, and healing.

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lisbriamy in reply to Leothelion

I am already gluten and dairy free. Hoping once my thyroid is taken care of it helps. Waiting on my blood test from yesterday to see if I've gone really hyper again.

Hi there I have been reading up on tumeric and ment to be very healing x

Really sorry about your anxiety. My middle name is anxiety and three years ago I went through three months non stop hell, racing heart, no sleep and nausea. Just ignored by GP's and told it was anxiety!! Turns out it was thyroiditis. I had been taken half a xanax twice a week to try and get a bit of sleep and then it was one every night which gave me one hours sleep until in the end I took around a dozen of them. Slept for 12 hours solid but unfortunately fell off the bed on hard floor. Went into hospital and despite having a record of severe osteoporosis and covered in bruises, they never bothered to x-ray me, they were too interested in trying to get me registered as a nutjob. I kept telling them I wasnt depressed just so fed up feeling so ill and like a zombie. 15 months later with this "unexplained" back pain, hospital finally x-rayed me to find compression fracture at T5. So have relentless pain, the start of scoliosis plus anxiety but so far the racing heart etc stopped and now they have said I have Hashimotos.

I see a few members mention they have been taken lorazepam and xanax and I presume they are in the US or like me buying them on line. I would never risk xanax again but the best benzo for me is bromazepam, just one little pill lifts all the anxiety and even helps a bit with the pain, but you know what gps are like in the UK, absolutely no to benzos and if they offer you diazepam under duress its only for 2 weeks and in any case diazepam does nothing for me except make me feel slightly ill.

I was sent an article by a lady in Australia who suffered terribly with anxiety and it seems she has a bad mthfr gene (dont ask me to spell it, I just call i the mother fecker gene), so I have bought some folinic acid and giving that a go. Only been taking for three days with no effect so far but some say its life changing. I have never had the gene test so I dont know if I have a problem converting to folate but figure it cant do any harm

I wonder on top of everything else wrong, do you have high cortisol levels which can cause terrible anxiety. I did the saliva test and now I seem to be low, low, low and high (right at bed time).

I just want to add a bit to the conversation that already offers many good ideas. I know several on this forum are opposed to astrology, but I have been a professional astrologer for over 40 years and have found that there are certain planetary configurations in the solar system that at times can effect our personal planetary layouts and thus are the "cause" or can synchronize with a person's bout with anxiety and panic attacks. I usually advise clients to embrace the nervousness to see what is at the bottom of it, or reason for it on a mental and emotional level. Not all intense feelings are caused by illness or disease, although they are associated with the entire picture. There can be real issues in our lives that are not resolved because we do not actually know how to transform or integrate the underlying thought patterns and emotional reactions that for most of our years we've been suppressing. I believe that a meditation that allows us to detach from our egos and to observe our thoughts and feelings objectively can be of incalculable help in overcoming the actual cause

Over the years, when examining a person's horoscope, I see that the planets Saturn and Pluto play a huge pas of the anxieties we suffer. Looking straight into the face of anxiety and seeing the truth of what is motivating it can become a wonderful catharsis.

rt in the times that we experience intense anxiety. These cycles can be calculated to see how long these periods of astrological stimulation will last. It can set a person's mind at ease to be able to know that it is not just our physical ills that cause discomfort, but that there are times in our lives we need to take a good hard look at the realities of the emotional and mental situations we are in at the behest of the planets. We need more guidance in life to solve personal problems before we think that it is all a chemical imbalance that is the main issue.

There are homeopathic remedies that are far healthier to take as alternatives to chemical substances. And St John's Wort or Valerian tinctures can reduce anxiety while examining one's personal psychology. This is really a very complicated topic, but I have tried my best to offer my thoughts on this subject without taking up too much space.

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