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Getting fed up of pain

freeT4 17.6 (9-26)

freeT3 3.9 (2.8-7.1)

TSH 0.95.

D3 79 (>50)

These were my last bloods, my doctor said all looks fine, but my levo was upped to 100, at my request to see if it would help my aches and stiffness. That was about 4 weeks ago, my stiffness/ aches feel a tad worse if anything! Any ideas as to what may be the cause? He prescribes me a 25,000 iu vial of D3 once a month, I'm thinking I might take the 2 months worth at once tomorrow as when I was first diagnosed as D3 deficient I took a 50,000iu dose weekly for 6 weeks and noticed a dramatic change with the first dose. But after the 6 weeks I gradually started hurting again.

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25,000IU once a month of vitamin D isn't a lot.

It's under 1,000IU per day, and 1,000IU per day is the minimum recommended level for someone who has had a deficiency and whose level is now over 100nmol/L.

Do you actually know your vitamin D number? You want a vitamin D level of over 75nmol/L to feel well and 100nmol/L plus for it to be optimal.


bb - VitD is 79 nmol/L. I would suggest taking 5000 IU's daily and see if that makes any difference - rather than taking it in huge lumps.


Yes it's up there at the bottom. It's 79 it used to be 35. I do take a 5000iu D3 tablet a couple of times a week, I was thinking of taking the 50,000 today then carrying on with a 5000 daily from tomorrow. Hopefully that would keep my levels up


Is Vit D the most likely reason for the pain or could there be another reason? I have no other symptoms, so don't know if I should go back to the 75 mcg of Levo or stay on 100. 😐


My aches are definitely worsening! Can anyone help ?


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