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Lactose free T3?


I've been stable on the Mexican Cynomel for some ten years, and I'm only now on my last couple of bottles.

I bought some Unipharma to follow on, even though I am lactose intolerant, and Unipharma uses lactose as a filler - but I thought the amount would be small and I would be able to tolerate it.

In fact, I'm devastated to find that it causes me great distress.

So could some helpful person PM me any alternative online suppliers please?

And if anyone else has had the same problem and found a solution, I would be so grateful for your experiences!

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Lindean, Pfizer's Cytomel doesn't contain Lactose but is expensive compared to Uni-Pharma and Tiromel.

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I think Perrigo is also lactose-free:

calcium sulfate

cellulose, microcrystalline



silicon dioxide


Helvella, I think Perrigo T3 will be prescription only.


Yes, it is - but can be obtained from at least one source that is also known to supply Pfizer Cytomel.

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Thank you for your help. Could you possibly send me a PM with information about where I might try to get Perrigo?

I hadn't thought of taking lactase. That's definitely worth a try!



Thank you for the information.


Have you considered the possibility of taking lactase enzyme?

Maybe it wouldn't work for you, but seems worth looking at.


Hi - what are your symptoms with Unipharma intolerance ?


nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, wind, diarrhea.

All the symptoms that I suffer whenever I inadvertently eat lactose!

Before I realised what it was, I also had problems with my voice and with swallowing.


Hi Lindean - unpleasant symptoms ! Asked because I am lactose intolerant,

like you had to change to that Brand. However, I'm tolerating it (I think)

so far. Hope you find something that helps.


Thanks for the feedback - maybe I will give it awhile to settle and then try again.

I've got a really bad cough at the moment, and I've noticed before that when I am ill anyway the intolerance seems more sensitive!


isn't it all so much fun?!!! I get so mad sometimes and scared too.


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