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At the moment I'm taking a B- Complex 125 (for like a week lately) and as of today added Magnesium Glycinate 200(KAL BRAND). I Didnt take the 2nd 200 capsule as i was worried about the laxative effect, but i still had an episode.. i take my sythroid at 8am every morning and space the vitamins. I've never taken vitamins, I just want to make sure these two are ok to take. I read about taking too much and the side effects so I'm kinda worried about taking too much of something. Is this ok..?

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  • Also, if when taking B Complex is there a certain time frame, what to early or too late? Worried about taking magnesium late in day as I don't know if it'll keep me up or put me out as some people experience both.

  • Nancy,

    Magnesium is required to help the thyroid enzymes for good thyroid function and also to aid calcium absorption but are you actually deficient ? ? .. as the small amount we need should be available through diet.

    Magnesium is known to help sleep so may be taken later in the day.

    Many Hashi sufferers require supplementation of the Vit B's as larger amounts are required but Vit B12 (& Vit B6) contained within your complex may effect good sleep as alter the melatonin levels. Therefore it is better supplemented in the morning.


    Supplements known to enhance Thyroid Function

  • I was wondering if taking the B Complex was interfering with my sleep. I just wasn't sure, I was taking it in the late day. Probably going to cut that supplement out, as I had labs recently done and was within normal range for b12. So if I don't need it, there shouldn't be any reason to use. Right? When I stop using it, will it just clear itself from my system sooner rather then later?

  • I'm Magnesium deficient and would recommend it to prevent palpitations, insomnia, PMS, migraines and fatigue.. Here's a list of symptoms

    The most expensive Magnesium compounds tend to go down better.. I can see that the Glycinate does come well recommended although I've never tried that formulae. There is a lot of magnesium in dark chocolate, so you may be better off having that ;-)

    You may like to try a B-complex with methylcobalamin in it, not cyanocobalamin, as it's tricky to absorb the latter if you've got an underactive thyroid. In fact, I really don't get on with the more 'synthetic' B vitamins as they give me gastro problems - I should really get it tested.

    The MTHFR mutation (particularly related to folic acid) sounds as though it has some parallel symptoms to the poor methylation issues in Hashi people.

  • I was told magnesium would help with my recent heart palpitations,anxiety, & insomnia. Yesterday was the first day I tried it, it was capsule form. But I was in the restroom no later then 30 mins. How would I know im magnesium deficient? I'm thinking of cutting out B Complex, as I was told from labs I fell in the normal range. If I stop taking bcomplex, how long before it's out of my system ?

  • Nancy, I'm afraid the tests for magnesium aren't very reliable, so not point wasting the money. But most people are deficient in magnesium because soils are depleted. Try starting with a lower dose, and build up slowly, let your guts get used to it. Here's a helpful article :

    Your B12 just being 'in range', is not good enough, because the range is so vaste. And anything under 500 can cause irreparable neurological damage. Optimal is 1000. So, what was your result in numbers? It depends on the number how much you need to supplement. But, it is very important to be optimal for B12 when you are hypo.

  • Grey Goose, I am still waiting on my labs results to come in the mail. There taking FOREVER! Dr just gave me the call that my labs B12, Ferratin, folate, came back in normal range. As for magnesium I'm at 200, I'm suppose to take the 2 tablets that total 400 but just did one capsule. As for B12, I just might cut out the bcomplex, and when I get my results I'll post up so maybe I can get a response, if I need to be taking it.

  • No harm in continuing the B complex. If you need to supplement B12, you need to take a B complex with the B12, anyway. The Bs all need to be kept balanced.

    400 is a normal dose for magnesium.

  • The only harm I was worried about was, if I was taking the B Complex too late and it was interfering with my sleep, and I'm already having sleep issues. So I didn't want to add more fuel to the fire. I guess spacing out my synthroid and the bcomplex feels like I'm taking it too late in the day. Gonna just cut it out for a week. Does bcomplex stay in your system long?

  • No, it's water soluble. I've never found a B complex interfere with my sleep. What time do you take it? And what time do you take your synthroid? They only need to be two hours apart.

  • Ok so, I just read taking B Complex to late in the day ( which I was doing) 5 or 6pm.. can stimulate the neurological system and make it hard to fall asleep. And that anything with B, should be taken in the morning since B Complex is known as the energy pill. I'm taking it too late I'm assuming, probably why it'salready making it hard to fall asleep. I take my synthroid at 8am. And I didn't know I could wait 2 hrs. This whole time I was spacing it out 4- 5hrs. Just so it didn't effect my medication. Ugh so frustrating. Well now I know.

  • this is a link to document the EFSA (European Food Standards Agency) roduced a few years ago on vitamin supplementation and Upper levels. Its good in as much as it igves detailed reasoning for the levels so you may find it a useful reference

    Magneseium doesn't have an upper limit because of the very high incidence of problems with diarrhoea

    - there are regular reviews of the advice so it is worth searching the site to see if things have changesd - not sure if they actually update the reference document quoted as would expect to see a version history in there but doesn't seem to be.

    Given the reaction you have had I'd be inclined to find a supplement that doesn't contain magnesium.

  • B and mg are water soluble so very unlikely you will overdose on those. Possibly you don't need the mg? I take at night you have to experiment on yourself. . If it's a capsule you could try opening capsule and having half only or tablet split it? Enjoy! ! Xx

  • I've used Mg Glycinate and have never had a laxative effect at doses of 600mg/day (not taken all at once). If you're having a problem with 400mg, I would take that as indication that the body does not want/need it.

  • That what I was thinking, but I really was hoping it would help with my anxiety, and heart palpitations lately. And sleep of course. I was just told to give it time, I'll take it again today in hopes my body will eventually get used to it. Andmaybe it'll pass.

  • If you have already decided to go without a Mag supplement because you think they're causing your fast bowel issues, for safety's sake please buy a tube of some soluble electrolyte tablets (used by runners and cyclists) making sure that they contain readily absorbable Magnesium and Potassium. Keep them for palpitations in an emergency.

    If you continue to get bowel problems please look for other causes.

    Magnesium taurate is probably one of the best for cardiovascular issues. I've had IBS (gluten was the culprit) and I've had absolutely no bowel trouble with these.

  • Oh and bathing in Epsom Salts (also Magnesium) works well and is great for cramps and anxiety, they should cause no problem at all.

  • Gosh so many magnesium options, it's a little frustrating. I was warned that mg causes a laxative effect. So taking mg, without knowing if you need it or not could that cause problems later????

  • Hi nancy. Mag certainly stopped my palpitations but it's a very personal thing. Why not try a magnesium oil,I use mag citrate from better you.its absorbed thru the skin so doesn't go thru the gut and cause those problems.

  • I've heard of the mg oil but, how do you know your getting enough, or I guess if your getting too much you'll know by loose stools?

  • Where is your thyroid? Anxiety is one of the 300+ symptoms of hypothyroidism. Did you have a FT3 that shows you sufficient T4->T3 conversion?

  • This is my most recent labs for my thyroid.. as you can see he doesn't test T3. Why? Cause, he assumes tsh is what he goes by, yeah ANNOYING. He's my new endo, and he wants me to retest in 3 months.

    TSH W/REFLEX TO T4. 0.43


    I was at 200mg bumped down to 150mg then after these labs I've shown you he went to 112mg. He wants to start there so we can work our way up and see where I need to be. I dont think I'll wait 3mts more like after my Rx is up.

  • If you can do at all well on T4-only (many cannot), you need TSH to be on the low side of the range. But if you are not converting T4 to T3 properly, too much T4 can make one anxious (did that to me) and result in conversion to rT3, which you do not want. As far as retest, after a T4 dose change, 5 weeks (5 half-lives) is sufficient. What happens if you ask this clown to run a FT3?

  • Clown is right! When I was referred to him I was warned of his bad bedside manners but that he was a scholar and would help me. They were right about the bad bed side manners, but when I mentioned about doing a full panel he told me that he only goes by TSH and doesn't do the full panel. I have congential hypothyroidism and after coming here on Healthunlocked I've never known til now of all the labs I should be pushing for. I just don't get why my dr doesn't do it. It's frustrating.

  • Hi again, not pushing the magnesium this time ;-)

    I really think it'd be worth starting a new thread as this sounds like pretty cavalier practice you've experienced by anyone's standards.

  • Either he's just following the NHS guidelines (think capitation), or he has a character disorder. You need to go off the reservation!

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