Ongoing debate over T3 Liothyronine

At the end of the day I think we all know that Liothyronine has side effects, like all medications. But for many of us who have thyroid problems, it is a live saver in so many ways, it helps boost the thyroid and metabolism. The NHS have to start looking at this differently and looking into different pharmaceutical companies supplying the UK so it is cheaper and easier to supply. The side effects will occur if taken in large quantities like all medication, but in a lot of cases certain dr's are supplying patients especially in the private sector, with the drugs as a slimming agent and these patients have normal functioning thyroids, so yes they are going to have problems. But because of their selfishness in a way, people like us are being penalised. I know we can buy it online but I don't see why we should. The NHS has to stop using the cost as an excuse and quoting the misguided studies of the side effects, as the reason they won't be prescribing it to those of us, that desperately need it. This is totally unacceptable. But going forward, if I have to, I will get it online resentfully. I will tell my GP that I am doing so, but only after they try to tell me, that my results indicate I didn't need it after all. A GOTCHA moment! My argument is that I want quality of life first and not quantity of life, I want to be able to wake up refreshed without feeling like a zombie. I don't want to be categorised and I want to lose weight like people who have no health problems, take for granted. I agree a healthy diet is essential, but in most cases even that is stopping us losing weight because of the problems we are experiencing. I will get off my soap box now. After chatting here, I don't feel I am going mad anymore - Thank you all. :)

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  • re: " we all know that Liothyronine has side effects," - over medicating is not a side effect. dr. lowe points out that on the t3 packaging is states "no common side effects" which makes even more of a mockery of the whole issue.

  • I didn't realise that Dr Lowe stated that Rainbow100, so I stand corrected. I was going on the information online and what I have been told, the side effect issues, is their get out clause at the end of the day and as you rightly say, does make it more of a mockery.

  • i'm not speaking from experience here, i've never taken t3 alone though i am considering it. however i've read a lot of dr. lowe's work and it seems as though he is was one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet about this subject. he know the theory inside out and in terms of prescribing it to so many of his patients as well having been on a dose of 150mcg daily himself for many years.

  • The only side effect of T3 (when correctly used) that I have read about is an improvement in health. Unlike anti-depressants, for example.

  • oh angel, i stand corrected, sincere apologies ;o)

    an improvement in health is indeed a serious side effect - for the financial health of big pharma, lol.

  • " in a lot of cases certain dr's are supplying patients especially in the private sector, with the drugs as a slimming agent and these patients have normal functioning thyroids,"

    Are you sure about that? I do somehow doubt that they're getting it on the NHS, possibly they are buying their own, though. Even so, it would have to be a pretty unscrupulous doctor to do a thing like that!

  • Yes greygoose, I was told by my Endo many years ago, that a doctor had been struck off for supplying people with thyroid medication as a slimming agent, these patients evidently had normal functioning thyroids, I assume it was in the private sector. So this is the reason that both the NHS and Private Dr/GP's were very reluctant to increase doses because of this and also the implications for patients with a ongoing thyroid conditions. I am only going on the information I was given at the time and told since. I would not make up a claim or statement unless it was information I was given as the subject is very sensitive to me personally and a lot more people here. Like with everything, there are some unscrupulous people out there where money is concerned. I have mentioned it because it is another thing they hid behind and at the time, I was only on thyroxine. It was after that I was prescribed T3 by a different Endo. I can only assume that a lot of Endo consultants also have a private practice.

  • Well, there might have been one doctor that did that, but I doubt if there were a lot of them, and that certainly isn't the reason doctors don't want to prescribe T3. There are two reasons for that : a) it's expensive, and b) they don't really understand it.

    You may have been told that by an endo, but I would take it with a large pinch of salt. Endos have been known to lie.

  • Tell me about it lol ;)

  • They'll say anything to avoid prescribing or recommending, I really wouldn't take any notice of that.

  • I know, I don't believe anything anymore, perhaps that is why people call me cynical ;)

  • It's a hypo symptom jollydolly!!

  • Ha ha! Never been a hypo before lol ;) I think having a SOH helps us all :)

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