T3 liothyronine - shortage

Hey guys

Just thought I'd warn people who get T3 prescribed by NHS, my pharmacy have been unable to fill my whole prescription and haven't been able to get any as usual so I could only have what they already had to hand from my previous orders and they said they should be able to get the rest next month before these run out. So if you're like me and always leave it to the last minute, you might want to put your prescription in a little early in case there are problems sourcing some.

I've seen many posts with people unable to get because of shortage elsewhere outside of UK but wasn't expecting this - anyone know why there seems to be such a shortage?



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13 Replies

  • Can someone ring Concordia international and ask them directly?

  • I'm going to pick them up later today so I can see if I can get any more info from the pharmacists.

  • Hello again, so apparently they have had a few issues with out of date T3 so are doing smaller batches to ensure this doesn't happen again. I would imagine most likely caused by the many docs taking people off T3 all of a sudden??

    However, the pharmacist had also been informed that apparently NHS have just gone into consultation with the T3 suppliers to agree a lower price rather than stopping it being prescribed altogether so hopefully some good news :-)

    Oh and Clutter, she wasn't aware she was able to order from Germany as only licensed one is mercury pharma but she will look into it :-)

  • Saggyuk,

    Concordia have been screwing up with supplying Liothyronine too close to expiry date for a while. I'm inclined to suspect they don't intend to have a lot of Liothyronine left on their hands if deprescribing happens.

    If NHS is consulting with T3 suppliers to reduce price that is very good news.

  • "screwing up" - I love it when you say it as it is, Clutter ;)

  • SaggyUK,

    Presumably your prescription is for Liothyronine 20mcg? Why not ask your pharmacy to order Thybon 20mcg from Germany? It is much cheaper than Mercury Pharma.

  • Yes, mercury pharma liothyronine 20mcg. I will ask them if can get the thybon also :-)

  • SaggyUk,

    They can either go to Thybon direct or via one of the specialist wholesale importers in thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm...

  • Thanks Clutter :-)

  • If you are desperate enough to buy your own (and have the money!), you can use an ordinary UK NHS prescription to buy liothyronine yourself - e.g. from versandapo.de

    (If you said that you shouldn't have to, I'd completely agree.)

    The price would be a pleasant surprise to anyone aware of the UK cost. :-)

  • THanks, I will bear this in mind if she can't get the rest. She said shouldn't be a problem though but we'll see. I've got enough for a month :-)

  • Your link takes me to a German website. Can be translated. Are you saying I could send my NHS prescription for T3 to them?

  • It has an English option - scroll down to SPRACHE and select the union flag.

    Yes - UK prescriptions can be valid in any EU country. (There are some issues which mean they are not universally accepted but I think this German pharmacy is OK with them.)

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