I am so blown away by this forum. This post isn't a question or lab results, I honestly just wanted to take a second to say my appreciation for the people on this forum. You guys are seriously incredible with the amount of support you give. I feel so hopeful and not at all alone with this for the first time in a while. Thank you SO much to all of you. We're in this together and I genuinely hope that each and every one of us finds total health and happiness. <3

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  • Yes, it is great to get support when you don't know what the blazes is going on when, if, you get diagnosed.

    It surprised me that I developed more clinical symptoms when first on levothyroxine than before I was diagnosed (undiagnosed for years despite symptoms - no blood tests were taken).

    I got well through but the forum is great because someone will answer more or less promptly and those that have had the same/similar problems give reassurance that the member can get better

  • And so say all of us!!

  • That's exactly how I felt last August when I joined thyroid UK in health Unlocked. Thanks for putting it so eloquently.

    Well done

  • Totally agree. I'm a member of a few groups on Facebook but I'm often scared to post to ask for advice due to the overbearing administrators. I don't feel like that at all here; it's really great.

  • that is exactly why this forum is unique in that the sound quantified advice and guidance is constructive instead of destructive , as in some others , but above all encompasses the empathy and encouragement that we all need to keep on going without buckleing under .

    I for one will be forever thankfull for all the good people on this site as well as the people that make this site possible to continue .... and I know I am not alone .......alan xx

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