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I went to a local walk in centre today as I haven't felt well for a couple of days. Saw a fantastic Dr. When taking my pulse, she commented on how high it was. I said that it must be the little walk to the Dr's room. Anyway, she diagnosed a virus. She then asked if I had any other health issues (think she asked because of my high pulse) so I told her about the Private blood tests for my thyroid and that I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow to discuss the results. As I was trying to find the results on my phone, I told her about my symptoms. I then showed her the blood results and straight away she said "SUBCLINICAL HYPOTHYROIDISM"! I was shocked! I told her about the fantastic support I have received on this forum and about the info on Dr Toft. Apparently, she is very familiar with his work! She then went on to say that I would need to start treatment straight away. All the while, she's typing all this on the computer system which I presume my GP will see tomorrow. I mentioned Hashies has been mentioned and she agreed that is what I have. I thanked her again and again and then......... I burst into tears!!! Maybe I won't have a fight to get the treatment I need! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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That is a great GP Patient story to hear of. Sounds like she'll help & support you. She gets a thumbs up for me 😊

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Hi Kathmax

I went into Peri-menopause age 38 which was way too early. I have sore muscles around the top of my arms, ribs, hips and back. Very very forgetful/memory lapses, tiredness, scalloped tongue, weight gain and massive struggle to lose weight....

I am so pleased for you great news.

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Do it! I've been to my GP today and showed him a copy of my blood results and he has put me on 50mcg Levothyroxine and will have more blood tests in 6 weeks. And the surgery have scanned my results to my file..... Couldn't be more pleased😁

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I would hope they would but I suppose it depends on your GP and their understanding of Hypothyroidism. I must admit,. It was the best money I have ever spent........

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Due for blood test with my dr in 3 weeks I will speak to him about it .Thankyou for your messages 😊

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