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t3 prescription but no other info!


I've posted in the past about the usual gripes, aches and pains and recieved loads of invaluable advice from this community. Long story short..I have nagged and whined and even sobbed to most of the gps at my practice, was finally referred back to the endocrine dept and after more blood tests and a ridiculously drawn out process..I have been told that a T3 prescription should be with my pharmacy by Friday..Monday latest!

But all the info I've been given is to cut my levothyroxine from 150mg(?) to 100mg and take 5units(can't remember lol) of T3 twice a day.

Do I take the 1st dose with the levo on waking? Or should I wait 2hrs as I was advised to do with vitamins and supplements? And when should I take the other dose..lunch time or dinner or bed time?

I've only been given 2 months supply and am referred back to the endocrinologist for the 1st of September..fingers crossed T3 is the answer for me x

Thanks in advance :)

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If you are prescribed Mercury Pharma Liothyronine (T3) it is only available in 20mcg tablets and you will need to buy a pillcutter from your pharmacist to quarter the tablets into 5mcg doses.

Take 5mcg with your Levothyroxine and the second 5mcg dose 8-12 hours later. Take T3 away from food and drink, medication and supplements as per Levothyroxine.


5mcg of T3 is roughly equivalent to 15mcg Levo. So you've been asked to take a drastic cut in dose of thyroid meds (Levo) to accommodate the teeny weeny dose of 5mcg T3.

You are being set up to fail. It's very common, so don't take it personally.

The doctors tell you to make an excessive cut in T4, then replace it with a completely inadequate dose of T3, then when you complain how much worse you feel, they say "See! Told you so!"

The fact that you have had a thyroidectomy makes this treatment even more disgraceful than it usually is.


What should I do? The pharmacy has phoned to say my meds are ready. Should I take as instructed or just add t3 to my regular t4 dose? And pleas ignorance? I don't want to feel worse than I do now x


It's difficult to say what you should do. I couldn't find any test results in your previous posts. It would be good to know what your Free T4 and Free T3 were because without those numbers any suggestions are being made blind.

You have several options that I can think of :

1) Do what the endo suggested - Take 100mcg Levo and 5mcg T3

2) You could cut your levo into smaller pieces so that you can take 125mcg levo and take the 5mcg T3.

3) You could stay on 150mcg levo and take the 5mcg T3.

4) You could self-medicate.

The problem is, without test results I really can't say which would be the best one to go for.

If you chose to go for option 2 or 3 you could always drop your Levo by 25mcg if you felt over-treated.

If you need to cut your levo tablets into smaller pieces try a pill cutter or a scalpel or a hobby knife.


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