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T3 prescription abroad

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I usually get my t3 prescription from Germany but it has been rejected due to Brexit - anyone else had this? Found another supplier?

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This is the info. I believe the T3 costs around £1 per tablet.

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Bradleyeb in reply to Lalatoot

Page link doesn’t work 🙈

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Lalatoot in reply to Bradleyeb

Does for me..but try this and look down the responses for Seaside Susiehealthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

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Bradleyeb in reply to Lalatoot

Thanks so much for this, really appreciate it

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See my reply to this post above


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Bradleyeb in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you, really appreciate it

Hi I am trialling an alternative method from Germany. My usual supplier said they wouldn’t send to UK. I asked if they would dispense on an UK prescription to a German address where I have family. They agreed and I am just waiting for the delivery from my family to arrive. All ok from the German pharmacy. As far as we could see there is no problem with family sending only companies. I guess it could work for any EU address. The package is being sent today so fingers crossed!

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Bradleyeb in reply to Carna

Thanks for this - I don’t have any family in German to do this though

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Carna in reply to Bradleyeb

It would probably work if sent to any EU country - not just Germany - if you have contacts elsewhere in EU.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Carna

However, it appears that some EU countries are less happy at people importing medicines - especially when they are not even for the person doing the importation!

(A well-known example would be the illegality of desiccated thyroid in France.)

I do understand the huge desire of patients to receive their medicines, and of others to help them do so, but I wouldn't want issues. For example, someone getting into some sort of legal trouble or the medicines getting confiscated.

So check the legal status before going down this route.

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Carna in reply to helvella

I have received my T3 from Germany via a family member. It was purchased on an UK prescription and sent to me c/o my relative in Germany. They forwarded to me after checking legalities and as a private person it was allowed and the contents of the package detailed on the shipping form on the front. It cost just over £14 to have sent to UK.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Carna

I am quite sure that it is legal for us in the UK to receive the medicines!

And glad it is OK for those in Germany to send them. :-)

But we have seen issues in receiving medicines reported from Portugal, Ireland and France - those are ones I can remember! The France issue was attempted importation of a desiccated thyroid product which is illegal there. I simply do not know the legality of sending medicines!

Hello, i live in germany and get my ndt pills from a pharmacy natuurapotheek.com in netherlands 1000 pills with on grain for around 400 € they need only the prescription and then they send it to you. They make the pills or capsules for you.

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Bradleyeb in reply to any88

I am in the UK and the German pharmacy are refusing to send to the UK due to Brexit

This is because if they fulfilled a UK prescription they would no longer be paid for it. Have you asked them if they would fulfil for you if you paid them directly for the medication?

I use a private prescription and not an NHS one which was refused

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to FancyPants54

German pharmacies were never paid (by the NHS) for UK prescriptions!

It was always down to the individual to pay.

It has not been clear whether UK prescriptions are legal and can be accepted in EU countries. And any company in the EU offering things to people in the UK has to register for UK VAT, etc., which is a cost and effort.

I thought if you got an NHS prescription before Brexit you could have it fulfilled in Germany for Thybon Henning? Is that not the case? My mistake then. I had read that when this happened the German pharmacy would be reimbursed by the UK through a reciprocal agreement, the same way as hospital treatment was handled for Brits in the EU at that time.

Yes the UK VAT thing is ridiculous and will have to change back at some point. It's not workable like this. Some are doing it, others can't be bothered to give themselves the cost and headaches and I don't blame them. Doing UK VAT every 3 months is a pain in the ass for Brits let alone people in other countries.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to FancyPants54

The reciprocal agreement bit would kick in, at least to some extent, if you claimed under the EHIC scheme while actually in Germany. Never having needed it, I didn't go any further than a skim read some considerable time ago!

EU countries are also changing their handling of VAT. As I understand, and if we have any international accountants they can put us all right, if you are in Germany and buy something from France you would have paid French rate VAT. But you will in future pay German rate VAT. (Not sure if it has been implemented yet as there was some sort of deferment or delay.)

For big companies, the VAT isn't much of an issue, for one person and a dog outfits, it is an unsupportable overhead. Hence the need to sell through platforms that handle all the VAT aspects - even if they take a sizeable charge.

Editing to emphasise that, post-brexit, EHIC has (I think) been replaced by GHIC and I do not know anything about it.

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