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Dr John C Lowe - Came across new archived material

I have come across this link below and there's topics within it - the 3rd down is a recorded talk between Dr Lowe and a woman (and it's very informative ) quite simple explanations we can understand.

You wont believe your ears at times re T4 v NDT and how it came about that T4 only was introduced and implemented as the only one to be prescribed in the USA and worldwide. It's about half an hour.

He also mentions doctors who've been persecuted and Dr Peatfield is mentioned and lots of doctors lost their licences if they didn't prescribe levothyroxine and also lost, as well as their livelihoods, plus all their money on lawyers. Don't forget our Dr Skinner who was another who experienced the trauma of treating/curing patients and appearing before the GMC about 7 times, I believe.

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thanks shaws, that interview is very revealing.

btw, did i hear correctly on that interview that the even the antibodies blood test is not necessarily an accurate indicator of an autoimmune problem because that too measures blood serum levels whereas the problem may lie in within the tissue ? does anyone know about this and especially i'd like to know what is considered and accurate indicator ? my antibodies count was 4, ref range >35 for hashi's.


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