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Hi, I have some auto immune conditions and although I have always been told that my thyroid is normal, I suspect that it is not.

I cannot afford private tests at the moment as my credit cards are maxed and my benefits have been reduced.

I have asked if they will carry out T3 and T4at my GP surgery but they dont.

However as part of my recent blood tests a TSH was done

When I rang for my results I was told they are all "normal",however I have found out in the past that they often say that when in fact something is not quite,,ie, my inflammatory markers were raised on quite a few of my tests, but at the time no-one told me.

I now always ask for a copy of my bloods

Anyway, I would like to ask you ,more knowledgable people re TSH result

It was 3.96

Is that good/bad ?

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It would help if you could get the range.

A TSH level of 3.96 won't be treated under the NHS if it is under the range. You need a level well over the range.


if you need a repeat test you need to to have a fasting blood test at or before 9am. You can drink water but take no food 12 hours before.


Ask for your thyroid antibodies to be tested - TPO and TG. These are the indicators for auto-immune thyroid - called Hashimoto's.

If either or both are high, above range , then this indicates Hashimoto's and national guidelines recommend treating if symptomatic, even if TSH is below 10.

Also ask for vitamin D, B12, folate and ferratin to be checked. All can be low if have thyroid problems, or can be low in their own right causing similar symptoms.


Slow Dragon can I ask where there's national guidelines about hashimotos can be found please? Are they for all thyroid issues or just autoimmune? Thanks


No particular mention here of Hashimoto's

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thank you

what id "the range"

does this have anything to do with it mU/L 0,27-4.20

I shall ask for the TPO and TG

Are these quite common tests? that most GP,s will do??

I have the others checked regularly,, am often low in iron and I also take ADCAL D3 on prescription


If I were you, I would ditch the Adcal and buy my own D3. Adcal is mainly calcium, so it won't raise your vit D very much. Besides, unless you tested very, very low for calcium, it is not a good thing to take. Especially not without vit K2. And, it contains soya oil, which you definitely do not want! But doctors know absolutely nothing about these things, and always, always prescribe the wrong thing, and not enough of it.

Do you have the exact numbers for the rest, because if your vit D is low, the others are probably too low, as well. But, as long as they are in range, you doctor will say they are fine - or even perfect - when they are actually far from it. So, best to check for yourself. :)


Ah, just googled the TPO and TG, and I have actually just had the TG

that was 1.75 mmol/L 1.10-2.60


The range is the numbers in brackets after the result, it shows what is considered normal. In England the normal range for TSH usually goes up to about 4.5, and GPs can be reluctant to treat until TSH reaches 10. However, I believe in other countries they treat when TSH is above 3. Normal people with healthy thyroids don't usually have a TSH above 2, so your result does indicate a possible problem with your thyroid.


thank you


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