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Results back Throid Uptake Scan

Results are nack from Thyroid Uptake Scan..

Well good news is no tumours or nodules etc seen or found .

Endocrine says my levels best they have ever been meaning i have gone from being always up in the 34 ranges to 19 so she was pleased But know or believes i will go Hypotoxic again as i have been very hard to control...being its Auto Immune Related.

We discussed the Route of Destroying the Thyroid With Radiation Iodine Due to my ages 53years and the fact that i have been so very hard to stop from going Hypotoxic and Controlling that...But I am not too sure about it all and the removal of my thyroid by Iodine Radiation as it seems both Good and Bad to have this done ...So just confused and unsure what I should do about this ...Whether to have the Throid Destroyed and Just Take One Medication Of Thyroxine Per Day ...Or Keep On The Way I Am Very Up And Down And Hard To Control On Cambizmole And Bisporal ? Thanks

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It's a big decision but the first question I would ask - "if thyroid gland is destroyed what options are available to me to make me well" - if it's only levothyroxine which might not suit you should be prescribed either T3 to T4 or T3 only as I doubt they will prescribe NDT.

This is someone's story although of course it is extreme (hopefully).


Thank you shaws....

I was both in tears and shock reading this terrible sad story and how she suffered but now thankfully is better and how she works so hard to help many others.


Unfortunately, Lorraine isn't the only one and she now runs her own site. She also had a Petition before Scottish Parliament but nothing has changed yet.


"........So just confused and unsure what I should do about this ...Whether to have the Throid Destroyed and Just Take One Medication Of Thyroxine Per Day......."

Its a gamble. Your sentence about just taking one dose of thyroxine shows that you have not been told any real truths. It may be that taking thyroxine will make you well after rai, and you may suffer none of the known possible side effects. ( Saliva glands, eyes and breats tissue can all be affected) .

If you have Graves disease which is making you hyper, has it been explained that removing your thyroid may rid you of some of the symptoms but you will still have the disease? It doesnt get rid of the Graves.

Of course, you may have hashimotos instead..... That will destroy your thyroid eventually on its own.... The hyper phase is horrid but does end eventually. Which antibodies have they actually measured?

The other problem with taking levothyroxine only with Graves is that some people become de sensitised to t3, so they can never make enough of it from the thyroxine.....

Has anyone mentioned that being hyper uses up all your vitamins and minerals at an alarming rate? Check your b12, d3, iron, ferritin and suppliment them if they drop.

Have you read any books about it? Thinking... Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy by Dr Barrie Peatfield, or Stop the thyroid madness by jamie bowthorpe.....

Have you had a look on the web site attached to this forum.....

Hope this has given you some directions to consider.....

Xx g


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