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My Serum ferritin level is 52 ug / l


My Serum Ferritin level was 60 ug/ L shown in blood test taken 23/03/2016 had a print out of results and were normal which surprised me as my hair was coming out a lot then and even showed I had a small bald patch showing on the top of my head, since then I decided to go back to the doctor as I wasnt happy with my hair and almost bald on the top of my head and sides and hair is thinning, and was so worried had a further blood on 8 July 2016 shows serum ferritin level at 52 ug / l and the result for this blood test has came back normal again, am now wondering if I have an iron deficiency ... am taking floradix daily now since beginning of June to help boost my iron levels and my haemoglobin estimation is 133 as compared to 128 in March.

Any thoughts with what supplement to take as well would be appreciated as to me i don't think this result is normal and would welcome any advice or help please.

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There's no such thing as 'normal'. Your result in-range, which doctors think is just great! But, it isn't optimal. I think I'm right in saying that is should be around 100 to be optimal.

Have you tried taking about 1000 mg vit c with your iron, to increase absorption?

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Hi greygoose

Thanks for replying I don't eat much fruit and have only just started taking fruit juice so will certainly do this. Seems a good way forward appreciate your reply.

Thanks very much.


No, you won't get much out of fruit juice. You need to take vit c tablets to make sure you get enough.


Thanks greygoose thats good to know will get some vit c tablets.

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You're welcome. :)


Hi greygoose, just to add Im also taking another supplement Floradix liquid Iron formula, to try and boost my iron levels along with the Vitamin C tablets.


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