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Considering Armor on recommendation of private GP

Having thought that I was ordering T3 for a trial with all the elements about to be ordered, I saw a local private GP who is a functional medicine practitioner. She initially agreed that T3 sounded like a good idea but on reading all my tests she changed her mind and suggested an Armor trial although she admitted that it was difficult to obtain in the UK. I would be grateful for any info re the sourcing and introduction of armor. Currently taking levothyrozine at 100mg and having fair bloods, according to the NHS GP, but all the signs of hypo. 5 years into this ghastly phase. Private messages as appropriate.

Thanks in advance - without all your help I would be so ignorant of all these issues.

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Armour is the most famous AND expensive NDT brand. You might want to consider trying NatureThroid, WP, NP, Erfa or the much cheaper Thai brands Thyroid-S or Thiroyd.


Armour will cost you an absolute fortune on private prescription. It is the most expensive NDT in the world but this is not a sign of quality - plenty of people don't do well on it despite the eye-watering price. There are other brands/makes of NDT which are substantially cheaper.

Some useful links :

For the second link, click on Non-UK Dessicated Thyroid (aka NDT)

It is also possible to source NDT without a prescription. There are three different brands of NDT sold in Thailand, and plenty of us use them because they are very cheap compared to the likes of Armour.

I don't know how your private doctor will react to you not going for Armour. If they write a prescription mentioning Armour by name you are restricted about which kind you buy. But if they give a generic description e.g. dessicated thyroid tablets you can buy whatever you like. Or you can choose not to use the doctor's prescription and buy from Thailand. The choice is yours. I've never had a prescription for NDT so I may have got the wrong end of the stick myself.


Armour is pretty well impossible to obtain because it is prescription only. It is also very expensive. You would need a private prescription from your private GP.

I take Thyroid S which is made in Thailand, and obtainable from a number of sources online. It was originally described as a copy of Armour, when I started taking it 15 or so years ago. Armour has been reformulated several times, but Thyroid-S has remained unchanged. There are also two other NDT brands Thiroid and T-R if the first one you try isn't entirely right for you.


Thank you for your help. She is researching it at present and has not got back to me yet so I am sure that she will find the price issue in her research - I was very clear that whilst I will try anything to get better £ has to be a factor. It always pays to be informed so you have given me more useful info in a very short period of time than she was able. Back to the research and thanks again - I will follow up the leads. Half the issue is knowing what to call everything.


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