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Latest results of Thyroid test-comments on how to proceed? Levo or Armor?

Here are my latest results--thank you to all who replied to my last post! You were all very helpful.

TSH .01 (still very suppressed)

T3 5.3 (still high but way down from 11.0--the range is 2.3-4.2)

T4 1.43 (mid -range)

My Endo will not prescribe Armor and wants me to go back on Levo (100mcg). My question is- do I continue on with the Armor tablets that I cut in half so that I get about 90 mcg--or go to the Levo? I feel great, weight isn't dropping but it also isn't going up so dramatically anymore. I still don't have any trust in the Endo since he says that Armor is unstable, will be discontinued and no one prescribes it, when in fact--I do have a prescription (albeit too high) and all of my research doesn't say anything about it being discontinued. From your replies, I read that a suppressed TSH is to be expected and now the other ranges are pretty good. So, maybe a switch back to T4 only is satisfactory--I'm just hesitant because I don't want to go back to the low-grade depression and weight gain. Any comments?

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Depends on how well you convert. Nothing would get me back on to T4 only! If you've got a prescription for NDT, hang on to it!


Couldn't agree more, Grey :-)

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Ok. I was leaning towards that anyway. Thank you. I will just have to find another doctor!


Of self-treat.

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I'm really doing that now, but at some point I will have to get another RX. Can be done, though!

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I totally agree with greygoose . Dosing with T4 only is only a partial thyroid replacement . In order to feel our very best and give our body from head to toe what it needs both T4 and T3 needs to be replaced .


The blood tests were introduced for the use of levothyroxine (T4) only, so if we take T4, T3, T2, T1 they cannot possibly correlate with the T4 only blood test. TSH is from the pituitary gland and if T3 is in the mix of our hormones, the TSH will be very low or suppressed.

If you feel great I certainly wouldn't adjust to keep the doctor happy.

The fact, if you are in the UK, the Associations have made False Statements about NDT so that they feel good about prescribing levo only and keeping patient ill. Dr Lowe wrote three yearly reminders asking for a response to his scientific evidence and they never did.

Why? Cannot they agree that many remain unwell with either being undiagnosed/undertreated. Lies have been told to the Associations so that would accept that levo was more reliable than NDT which contains all of the hormones and been in use, safely, since 1892 up until the late 50's when Big Pharma brought out the guns to have levo supersede NDT plus of course all the 'extra' prescriptions for remaining symptoms. Many doctors in the USA were given 'handshakes' to prescribe levo alone.

Dr Lowe never would prescribe levo. Only NDT or T3 for his thyroid resistant patients.

I wonder who foots the bill when the Associations have their Conferences etc. (just a thought).


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