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Chronic dry eyes!

Hi all. I'm hoping you may be able to help. I'm currently signed off work as it would seem the stress of my new job has caused a massive flare up. I'm currently on 225mg Levo-thyroxine (much to my GP's disgust.) Thankfully I was one of the lucky ones who was treated by Dr Skinner before he died. I went to him exhausted, very poorly and weak. He screwed my TSH blood results up (that were in normal range) and instead took my temperature, blood pressure and pulse. He put my Levo Thyroxine up by 75mg there and then and said he wanted me back to see if I needed further increase or T3. Unfortunately he then died. I've managed to keep hold of my dose ever since although constantly fight my GP's as they tell me im over medicated as my TSH is 0.01. Recently I have started to have mood swings, bursts of anger, extreme fatigue and severe inflamed eyes. Ive ended up at the eye hospital twice last week and now have steroid eye drops. Although they dont seem to be helping. My whole body aches and my muscles seem tight. Im convinced my thyroid is playing up but my GP's just dont know anything. All they ever do is test my TSH and my Serum 3 T4 which is 23.5. I'm not very good when it comes to understanding all these tests. Are anyone elses eyes blurred? Does anyone know how to get a GP to help??? Dont know where to start with it all and feel so poorly again. I did briefly listen to my GP and dropped down to 200mg and felt even worse. Would love to try T3 or NDT but dont know where to begin. I live in Birmingham but would travel anywhere to get help to feel normal again x

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Suggest you start by getting a full thyroid blood test done

Good option is thyroid plus eleven test from Blue horizon. Easy to do finger prick test you do at home, post back and they email you results

This will tell all thyroid levels - FT3, FT4, TT4 and both types of antibodies, plus vitamin D, B12, folate and ferritin.

Once you get results start a new post and members can offer advice and suggestions

Louise at Thyroid Uk has a list of recommended thyroid doctors to

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It may be worth getting a private 11 test from Blue Horizon and then posting the results forbadvice.

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Do you have Hashi's? Autoimmune diseases hunt in packs. There's a possibility it might be another of those. Have a read of this:

Might that be a possibility?


Yes Ive always thought this sounds like what I have yet none of the Ophthalmologists I have seen have ever diagnosed it, even though they are all aware of me having Psoriasis, Psoriatic arthritis and Hashimoto's. The life long eye drops im on to moisturise the eye relieve the discomfort but do nothing to improve my blurred vision. The blurred vision definitely comes and goes and so I'm now thinking do I have a Gluten intolerence or is something poisoning me. Such a huge commitment to try and go gluten free if its not that, but worth a try. My aunty has Coeliac and my cousins have Crohn's, again something my docs know about and have apparently ruled out! Hmmm! X


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