hashimoros gritty,dry,sore eyes

I have very dry eyes which seem to be staedily worsening. No, I do not have 'Sjorgens Syndrome'. It is simply another symptom of my dratted thyroid. Any suggestions? The eye drops I use seem to have little effect and duration. some have made matters worse. What i need is a brand that has actually works and does not gum up my eyes. Any recommendations?...and where would I get it?

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  • hello i get this i use optrex( just the basic one ) and argan oil i have tryed everything its the only thing that works for me i wont to gp and tryed all sorts

    its horrible my eye is very watery and itchy and really flacky take care

  • Sounds like Thyroid Eye Disease

    You need to get it checked out by a TED specialist at an eye hospital like Moorfields in London

  • I use Gel Tears ,prescribed after twice having eyelid stuck to eye and painfully removing cells when I got it open.

  • Gel is far more effective than drops.

  • I find that the gels, not drops work the best. 'Genteal Gel is the best I have tried so far. Bon't know if it is available in the UK

  • Make sure that you use products that are preservative-free. To beging with, many people tolerate the preservatives just fine. But over time, they become sensitive to them and that sensitivity can ake things worse.

    Suggest using something like LacriLube (available over-the-counter or on prescription) at night.

    Agree with those who say gels are generally better than thin liquids.

    And do get your eyes seen properly by an opthalmologist.

  • There is a new product out which Im thinking of trying in the future called Rohto diabetes.co.uk/diabetic-pro...

    And, like others have said, get your eyes checked by an Opthamologist as it may be TED

  • I have blepharitis which causes dry, gritty, itchy, eyes. The ophthalmologist suggested a product which can be bought on line. The idea is to place plastic eye patches in cup of hot water for 5 minutes, then place it inside a special pad to go over both eyes for 10 minutes. It leaves my eyes really moist for a while and works much better than drops of any kind, which I'd been trying for years. Hope this idea helps.

  • Sounds interesting... Product name? Online link?

  • Are you in the UK as it's a product I've bought here?

  • No, I am in the US. If I knew the name I can research if it is available here. Others might also be curious as to the product name so they can try it out.

  • I have Sjogrens and I have tried loads of eye lubricants. I really like Genteal Lubricant Gel as it doesn't contain petroleum, like some other gels. It is sort of a cross between a drop and a gel. It melts into the eye in seconds and, initially has a cooling effect which is nice. It also doesn't cloud your vision once it distributes.

    I buy it on Amazon (I'm in the US), but it is also available on Amazon UK:


    I also carry around Systane Ultra Preservstive Free vials but find I prefer the Genteal Gel more.

    On a side note, I started Restasis 6 weeks ago and it seems to really be helping my dry eyes. It is avail by prescription and I use 2x day. I'm able to get 3 days use out of a single vial so the script will last me about 4 months (only supposed to be a 30-day supply). I find I haven't had to use the Systane Ultra or the Genteal Gel as much since on Restasis.

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