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feel am getting somewhere now. bought lots of supplements..most of which turned out to be wrong stuff and had to repurchase... lots of blood tests.. All costing lots of money. Got to wait another week to be able to afford ndt...

just thought i would share my daily routine and ask if any of you are similar and how long it took before you saw an improvement.

i wake at 6am. Rise at 7am and make a flask of boullion. watch tv till 9am when i have enough energy to brush teeth, make breakfast. 10am wash and dress. .11am prep 2 meals whilst sitting on sofa...1pm cook lunch. 2pm best time of day so can allow myself a visitor, or drive to one shop. 4pm exhausted and time to put feet upha ha .sewing/crafts time. hardly ever have hot meals as by time i have cooked it i havnt energy to eat it. Bed is usually 6pm and sleep by 7.30. my only trips out have to be supplemented by extra steriods. i constantly clock watch because i have to pace myself.. this is a big improvement because 3 years ago i had to pace myself talking and even using p.c. because of adrenalin rush. . So hoping my next few posts will show a big shift in energy pattern. Living alone is peaceful but not good for getting balanced nutrients when you run out of food. .

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I'm sorry you've had no replies, Elvera111. I hope your supplementing will improve your energy levels in a few weeks.


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