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Rheumatology , physiotherapapy promised& latest tests

Hello lovely peopleAs you may know from my last post I had a steroid injection in my shoulder last Monday . Initially it seemed to hurt even more, but I've tried hard to rest it & its beginning to feel better -?as in less pain. But I can feel it's not quite right so after a trip to the rheumatologist today I've been referred to the physio dept. I need to strengthen the shoulder & get the other shoulder stronger too as I can feel that one going as well. i feel much better in myself these last few weeks, but still have some symptoms of hypo. I've started a GF diet & been taking my supliments, but still feel there is room for improvement. I'd like to know your thoughts on my latest bloods as I consider my next move.

Tests 29/5/2016:

TSH 0.03 (0.3-5.5)

FT4 23.9 (11.0-23.0)

FT3 5.6 (4.1-7.9)


TSH 0.2

FT4 22.5

FT3 7.6. Ranges as above

I think the doc may want to lower my levo (currently taking 125mcg daily)

But I'm feeling so much better on this dose. I'm not sure if I should add NDT/T3 just in case he does want to lower it & also to maybe get rid of these remaining symptoms ( feeling a little apprehensive about doing this)

All thoughts /advise welcome

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Rennixon Your TSH is higher than last time and just a fraction under range. Both FT4 and FT3 are within range even though at the top. If you feel better on that dose there isn't any reason for your dose to be reduced. FT3 is the one that should stay in range and it is. There doesn't seem any reason to add T3, you are obviously converting well enough.

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Thanks for your support SeasideSusie. I have been feeling so much better but still have the memory problem. Specifically, I can't remember names of inanimate objects & processes at work. My short term memory is awful too. I makes me wonder if this will get better as I keep suplimenting . Time will tell



Hidden thanks for the reply.

Going to look into this. My Mum is hypo & has diabetes, so it seems possible



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