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Special order prescriptions

There is a page on Thyroid UK with information about thyroid medication obtainable in the UK.

Can anyone explain to me what "Special Order Thyroid Medications Obtainable on prescription in the UK" actually means and entails?

Would I have to go through the named patient basis to get one of these prescriptions? Or is it a simpler process? Do I need to go through a specialist pharmacy or can my local pharmacy obtain it for me?

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It depends... what medication are you hoping to obtain?


Ah! Sorry, I managed to post the wrong link. Have edited now to the correct one.

Perrigo (formerly Paddock). It's listed in the "Special Order Thyroid Medications Obtainable on prescription in the UK" section under lactose free T3.


You will need your GP or Endo to write this actual brand and dose on your prescription. Then you take the prescription to a pharmacy that has an account with a medicines importer.

Should be straight forward in theory, but in practise will depend on how helpful your local pharmacy/s are.

Sometimes, if prescribed by an Endo, it can be dispensed by the local hospital pharmacy.

Hopefully some members who actually get this brand prescribed will chime in with their experience.


Thank you! I will have to find a UK stockist somewhere then if I am able to get this on prescription.

I'd really appreciate comments from anyone in the UK who has been through this process!


You're very unlikely to find a pharmacy that actually stocks it. They will need to obtain it for you via the importer that they use (e.g. IDIS or one of the others mentioned on the TUK website).

The pharmacy will probably never have heard of it, so it may take a while for them to make the necessary enquiry of their importer and actually obtain it for you initially. If you get it as a repeat prescription, then after that it should only be a couple of days wait each time you re-order.

The first hurdle is getting the prescription written. Second is to take it to your usual pharmacy, show it to them, and ask if they can / will obtain it for you via their importer. If they aren't helpful, then you'll need to trek around until you find one that is.

Good luck :)


Thank you, that's very helpful!


VitaminKgirl, try the larger branches of Boots for Perrigo.


Thanks! I will give them a go!


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