Probiotics with Hashimoto's?

Someone recently posted about the probiotic L Plantarum which sounds fantastic, and among other things apparently lowers inflammation. I have been doing a bit of research on it but I'm a bit wary now as I've read it can boost the immune system, which with Hashimoto's doesn't seem a very good idea.

Can anyone give me any advice on this please? My New Years Resolution is to sort my gut out once and for all!! Thanks a lot.

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  • What a great New Years Resolution!

  • informaniac,

    I haven't tried L.Plantarum but have found supplementing various probiotics has helped with my previous gut issues.

    What probiotic does what is listed near the end of article.



  • I have tried several... the ones I stuck with longest were Symprove and VSL #3 + the 'herbal antibiotics' (Olive Leaf Extract and Oregano Oil, + a couple more) that I also took and still do. I paid a fortune for those starting from April 2012 but now I'm down to these two which are effective and way cheaper than the other two - no refrigeration either:

    Bio Kult before I sleep and Bioglan Biotic Balance Ultimate Flora for mid-day - these keep me good until 'IT' takes over again and has to be 'pushed back' to normal levels. (I have to assume that it's SIBO because standard Abx puts the huge bloating down... then 'up IT comes' in x months time and nothing shifts it - nothing - until it's literally 'taken down' again.)

    So, thank you infomaniac for this info - I will give that a try. We are meant to rotate these in any event but, once something works, I tend to stick with it... maybe that's the problem?

    Here is a useful link - but you may have seen it - I love this guy Ray Sahelian on any preparation:

    Best of luck in the New Year - I hope to get on top of mine this year... just when it's all looking great, up it pops again - I've just finished a load of Abx after months of being free. The gut issue is, for me, as bad as the hypothyroid one - both inextricably linked with ! xx

  • I like Xymogen ProBio Max, HLC, Klaire Labs and VSL #3. Rotating over tine is good!

  • Thanks everyone :-) I've been doing some further swotting and it seems that probiotics are definitely recommended for Hashimoto's. The grey area is when they are described as "boosting" the immune system when in fact it seems to be more of a strengthening effect...I hope so anyway!!

  • I posted re L Plantarum. My personal view is that anyone suffering from an autoimmune condition really needs a well functioning immune system and well functioning system as a whole inorder to get well. The immune system "is a host defence system comprising many biological structures and processes" I so hate the term, boosts the immune system - it seems to me marketing terminology.

    What do they actually mean? Do they mean the adaptive or the innate immune system, which cells or activity are they so called boosting. I believe when suffering from an autoimmune condition the immune system is not working in a balanced way - activity is not calmed down as it should be and so not regulated by the different T cells appropriately.

    If anything, focusing on getting your microbiome into a beneficial balance can only support and get your functioning system working properly. L Plantarum, as I mentioned before is very common on fruit and veg as long as it is not killed off by peeling, overwashing, antibac sprays in the kitchen, cooking, insecticide, herbicide spraying. So eat some raw fruit and veg, make sure it is organic and build up to eating a good level of fermented foods. If you take an organic cabbage, chop, place in a jar with lid and cover in water - a few days or so and you have probiotic rich saurkraut, full of hopefully - L Plantarum which will then be able to fulfill the function in our digestive system that we symbiotically evolved to happen. You can buy if you wish a starter culture to sprinkle into the water to ensure your fermented cabbage will be rich in L plantarum from Donna Gates 'Body Ecology' - UK health website red 23 . Or check if you wish to buy a probiotic supplement that it contains it. If you wish to gain further understanding / different perspective re autoimmune conditions (if you have not already done so) See Dr Tom O'Bryan's 2016 work called 'Betrayal' - 7 part video series which was aired this autumn. He interviewed doctors, scientists, practising clinicians and patients from across the gobal community. There should still be some sample of interviews on you tube :)

  • Thanks a lot Lynne. I have been trying to sort my gut out for ages now but feel like I'm just treading water. I have done the leaky gut diet, I take L glutamine as well of a host of supplements so was very disappointed when I had a Blue Horizon blood test recently that my antibodies were still high. A 1/4 of what they were originally but still 400+ :-( I just feel like I'm missing some vital piece of the jigsaw! I have dabbled with probiotics (Optibac Bifidobacteria & Fibre and Acidophilus 10 billion) but all they seem to do is bloat me so I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing or not.

    I have been looking at ccoconut kefir but am worried in case this makes me bloat too. I really believe that the gut is the the key to being well but as I say, I feel like I'm taking one step forward then one step back at the moment. I even looked at having my microbiome tested but it's £££££££££££££s!!

    Have you actually supplemented with L Plantarum or do you get yours from kefir/sauerkraut? It has really got my interest as it seems to be beneficial for a lot of things that trouble me but I can't seem to find a decent supplement?

  • If their bloating you, you may well have low stomach acid, a solution to this is add in a digestive enzyme supplement to start and a Betaine HCL with pepsin starting at I tablet a meal and increase by one a meal per day until you feel a discomfort in your stomach, don't go above 8. When you get that discomfort back off the same way. It helps heal the gut and propagate healthy bacteria. Hope that helps...

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